Shoprite Group issues warning on ‘suspected data compromise’

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The Shoprite Group said on Friday evening that it had discovered a possible data breach involving names and ID numbers that might impact certain customers who made money transfers to and from Eswatini, Namibia, and Zambia.


“Affected clients will get an SMS to the mobile phone number provided during the transaction. The organisation claimed in a statement that “an investigation was promptly begun with forensic specialists and other data security professionals to ascertain the origin, nature, and breadth of this event.”

“Additional security measures were made to safeguard client data from additional data loss by changing authentication processes and fraud prevention and detection tactics.” Access to the network’s impacted locations has also been restricted. There was no financial information or bank account details in the data breach, only names and ID numbers.”


The Group stated that the breach impacted a “particular subset of data” and that it had contacted the information authority.


“Investigations are still underway. The company is not aware of any abuse or publishing of client data that may have been obtained, although the event is still being monitored on the web.”

There was a chance that the unauthorised party may utilise the impacted consumer data. Customers were encouraged to do the following:


When contacted via phone, SMS, or email, do not provide personal information such as passwords and PINs.

Passwords should be changed on a regular basis and never shared with others.

Verify any requests for personal information and only give it out if you have a good cause to.

“Any unlawful action should be reported to the group or appropriate authorities as soon as possible.” The organisation extends its heartfelt condolences to anyone who have been harmed.”

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