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Security Experts Warned Gaming Companies To Improve Their Security Measures

Researchers have discovered 500,000 breached stolen credentials of employees from gaming companies and a million compromised internal accounts related to employee and customer-facing resources on the dark web. The compromised accounts were linked to internal resources like admin panels, VPNs, Jira instances, FTPs, SSOs, developer-related environments and more were found in virtually all of the top 25 gaming companies studied.

Security experts have stated that these released information could have resulted in customer data theft, corporate espionage, ransomware attack and more. Recently, ransomware attacks on four well-known gaming companies have been reported.

So security experts have highly recommended the gaming companies to improve their cybersecurity measures in order to avoid ransomware attacks. According to experts, gaming companies must invest good amounts of money for proper monitoring of their digital assets across the dark web, as well as enhanced staff training on things like password management, and deployment of multi-factor authentication.



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