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SAP Hybris Development: What is this?

In December 2017, SAP Hybris Commerce launched version 6.6, emphasizing GDPR compliance. This attracted large enterprises like Volkswagen and Deutsche Post, sparking interest from smaller businesses. Today, we’ll delve into SAP Hybris’s features, benefits, and development insights.

SAP Hybris is an e-commerce platform by global software giant SAP. It equips businesses to manage online sales, customer data, and marketing, ensuring a personalized customer experience across various channels, from websites to physical stores. While you may hear the term “SAP Commerce Cloud,” both refer to the same solution. Gartner has recognized SAP Commerce Cloud as a market leader for three consecutive years.

Why Choose SAP Hybris?

  • Consistency & Personalization: Engage customers consistently across websites, mobile devices, social media, and more.
  • Flexibility & Customization: Adaptable with various tools and APIs for specific business needs.
  • Scalability & Performance: Designed for high-traffic, it grows with your business and maintains optimal performance.
  • Comprehensive Features: Covers every aspect of e-commerce, from product management to customer service.
  • Integration: Integrates with SAP tools like ERP, CRM, and marketing automation.

B2B businesses can benefit from features tailored for intricate sales scenarios, such as self-service portals.

Key Features:

Hybris development serves both B2B and B2C. While B2C focuses on direct consumer sales, B2B deals with business-to-business transactions.

Hybris Architecture:

Hybris’s structure is built for high traffic and is based on standard technology, eliminating additional upgrade costs. It works best with a Java EE Servlet Container and uses the Python framework ( Extensions enrich the platform, some available instantly, while others require purchase or custom creation.


Hybris transforms traditional B2B commerce to resemble B2C, offering features like real-time pricing and easy checkouts. With its deep-rooted backend functionalities and various administrative tools, Hybris has surpassed other online retail solutions.

Administering Hybris:

Different tools help in managing various aspects:

  • HAC: For logging, monitoring, and other admin actions.
  • HMC: Offers all website management tools but lacks a modern UI.
  • Backoffice: Similar to HMC but with a modern interface.
  • Product Cockpit: For product display and category management.
  • CMS Cockpit: For website layout and settings management.
  • Administration Cockpit: Manages data validation and type instances.

Hybris offers backend tools, including an SDK for developers, and boilerplate storefronts called Accelerators, which save coding time.

SAP ECC Integration:

Previously, real-time pricing for B2B clients was impossible due to reliance on ERP software. SAP’s acquisition of Hybris facilitated the integration with ERP systems. The primary product from this integration is the Data Hub, which connects various data sources to SAP ECC.

Multi-channel & Stock Management:

Hybris allows multiple e-stores on one instance and flexible stock management. It can sync with SAP or manage stock independently.

Third-party Integrations:

Essential integrations include payment, shipping, and tax providers. The checkout process in Hybris is a four-step procedure. Integrating these processes requires a seasoned Hybris developer.


SAP Hybris prioritizes data security, especially with GDPR regulations. The 6.6 version focuses on consent management, data management, and enhanced security measures.

In conclusion, SAP Hybris is a comprehensive e-commerce solution with an emphasis on flexibility, scalability, and integration, making it a preferred choice for businesses of all sizes.

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