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Samsung Galaxy S21 and S22 series in the U.S.: Find details for Security Update

Hi Readers! There is good news for all Samsung Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S22 Lovers. Samsung is a well-known brand in the international market. In the American market, Samsung and its smartphone models are also well-liked. The December 2022 security update was installed on its devices, specifically the Samsung Galaxy S21 and Samsung Galaxy S22 series phones. It’s an update to a patch.

Most consumers in the U.S. have already gotten this update on their respective Samsung galaxy, S21, and Galaxy S22 series phones. It is primarily an upgrade to Android 13, and Additionally, it has modern features.

 If you selected the carriers indicated further, it is now active. It has been made compatible with the AT&T, Cricket, Bluegrass Cellular, and C Spire networks. This update is currently trickling out to Verizon customers as well.

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The goal of Samsung Security Updates

Samsung Galaxy S21 and Samsung Galaxy S22 series phones offer several enhancements. In this security update, both system stability and security optimization have been offered. Its goal is to protect Samsung users’ data.

Find out more about December’s Samsung updates 2022 in this blog:

Samsung Galaxy S22 series is getting the December 2022 Android Security patch. All three models have begun to be sold in the European Market. The latest Security Update for Samsung’s top-of-the-line phones, like the Samsung Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S22, should be soon available in the U.S. and other nations. The December Security Update is being sent to the Galaxy s22 line and is yet to release. But Samsung has pointed out the list of bugs and vulnerabilities on the December Security Patch Update list. For now, you should be happy with the most optimized fixes for security holes:

  • In September 2022, SMR Security Maintainance for the European Samsung Galaxy S22 and Galaxy s22 plus got updated.
  • The user won’t see any changes or new features, but the system could be more reliable and have issues repaired.
  • Samsung Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S22 phones just got the UI 4.1.1 update, adding new features. It is also testing ONE UI 5 0
  • Which is based on Android 13.
  • According to Samsung, the September SMR Fixes increased privacy and security in Galaxy smartphones by more than 50%.
  • Some of these variations include Google’s Android. Fix them, Google. The majority of the issues are what Google refers to as “high-security vulnerabilities,” which implies they might affect any android device from any manufacturer. The 29 SMR security flaws are likewise fixed in the September Version. These issues are not present in other brands’ Android devices.
  • Samsung discussed issues with the system U.I., the picture editor, the video editor, and other device components.

How long will security update for the S22 last?

The Galaxy S22 series, however, ships with ONE UI 4.1 based on Android 12 right out of the box. Additionally, Samsung stated that they would provide five years of security updates and four years of significant Android upgrades.

Is using a phone without Samsung Security Update safe?

The short answer is no; you shouldn’t use a phone that doesn’t get updates. The primary cause is that your phone is exposed to bad actors because of the absence of security upgrades. Cybercriminals always develop new strategies to get around software security controls and access private information.

Details of Samsung Security Updates of December 2022 in the U.S

Over the past few months, Samsung has been committed to rolling out the Android 13 upgrade to its smartphones and tablets. As a result, it postponed by a few days the delivery of the December 2022 security patch. A month’s security patch is typically released even before the month officially begins, but that wasn’t the case with the December 2022 security update.


How to install Samsung Galaxy Update 2022? 

Every month, new potential vulnerabilities are discovered for every operating system, and Samsung Galaxy Series is no exception. The issue is that many Samsung devices (below Android version 12) need timely software upgrades. However, many now receive regular monthly security fixes to at least patch up these flaws.

You must use the most recent security patch level of Samsung if you wish to be protected against the most recent hazardous attack.

The security updates of Samsung Galaxy models are straightforward to install. To check your Samsung Galaxy Smartphones Security patch level, opt for the following steps:

Step 1:

Go to the “Settings” section of the Samsung Galaxy.

Step 2:

Scroll down toward the bottom.

Step 3:

Click “About Phone”.

Step 4:

Tap “Software Information”

Step 5:

Find the Android security patch level option on the list.

Some other detected vulnerabilities are listed below:

  1. The Settings app, the ability to start calls, incorrect access to messages, the IMEI, and other information are some of the vulnerabilities listed by Samsung (in phones with Exynos chips). Some Exynos-equipped devices also made it possible for a remote attacker to turn off network traffic encryption.
  2. In addition to Galaxy phones and tablets running Android 13, a security flaw in RCS (Rich Communications System) enables attackers to get people’s phone numbers. Samsung’s decoding library for video thumbnails also had one of those flaws, which allowed attackers to execute an Out-Of-Bounds Write operation.
  3. Another flaw gave a potential attacker access to the Secure Folder’s toast notifications via the Nice Catch app.
  4. The other flaws corrected by Samsung’s latest security patch include the potential to obtain data from the Phone app via implicit intent, incorrect access to data in the Contacts app, and kernel information access on devices with Qualcomm chips.

  All of these problems, according to Samsung, have been correctly repaired. You may learn more about these flaws on the security bulletin websites of Google and Samsung.

About Samsung Galaxy S21 and S22



These security updates are currently available to Galaxy s22 users in Europe. It can take a day or two for the update to reach all compatible devices in the area because it will be distributed over the air in batches. You will be notified when it is prepared for usage on your phone. For users in other countries throughout the world, the most recent security upgrade is likewise welcome news. To check for updates, you may always utilize the settings app—Samsung Galaxy s21 and Galaxy S 22 beta-test the one UI 5.0 for the galaxy s22 series. There are already two beta upgrades.

The beta version for the series s21 is also made available by the company. We will keep you in the loop.

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