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RevSuit is a powerful and flexible reverse connection platform that was designed with the purpose of receiving connection from the target host in penetration. RevSuit presently supports DNS, HTTP, MySQL, RMI, and FTP protocols.


  • RevSuit allows you to create flexible rules to capture various connections.
  • Using binaries, you may deploy and run without bothering about unpleasant dependency errors.


  • Allows for the customization of responses for various connections using rules, as well as dynamic response generation making use of template variables.
  • Support a wide range of protocols, as well as the in-depth use of some, such as MySQL Load Local Data, DNS rebinding, FTP Passive Mode SSRF, JDBC Deserialize Exploit, and so on.
  • Push notifications to common office software are supported.
  • Support for scanners is built-in.
  • Other aspects are well-thought-out and well-detailed.

The intended use for the tool is strictly educational and should not be used for any other purpose.

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