REvil ransomware operators targets multiple organizations

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REvil is a private ransomware-as-a-service operation that recruits affiliates to distribute the ransomware for them. As part of this arrangement, the affiliates and ransomware developers split revenue generated from ransom payments. REvil ransomware operators are again on an attack spree. In the last two weeks, the ransomware gang has targeted multiple organizations located in Africa, Europe, Mexico, and the U.S., while its operators have been actively upgrading it with several tactical enhancements.

Recently, the gang has updated its website to make it easier to browse its victim list.  Since late-December 2020, all the recent attacks are extremely well equipped and well-planned.  Two firms, an insurance firm, an architectural firm, a construction company, an agricultural co-op, two international banks, and a manufacturing firm have been the recent victims of the ransomware gang. The attackers are using a drive-by-download campaign, where victims unintentionally download malicious files. Its recent success is due to Gootloader. They post documents on underground forums that look to be from the victims’ systems. These documents include targeted organizations’ stolen information as proof of the breach.

The recent attacks indicate that the REvil gang is continuously expanding its extortion tactics and procedures to directly contact victims’ business associates and the media to exert maximum pressure on the victim to pay. Thus, as a preventive measure, experts suggest always updating systems and backing up important data.


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