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Review on Personal Loans Offered by NetCredit

What is NetCredit?

NetCredit offers small personal loans ranging from $500 to $10,000 for people with all credit levels, including those with bad credit. Personal loans from NetCredit have extremely high APRs ranging from 36% to 155% (varies by state) and must be repaid within 6 – 60 months (varies by state).

NetCredit Is Ideal For The Following Borrowers:

  • With bad credit. NetCredit is ideal for customers with low credit scores or a limited credit history who do not qualify for a traditional loan. NetCredit will report monthly payments to the three major credit bureaus, allowing borrowers to build credit with each payment.
  • Who are residents of a qualifying area? For being eligible for the NetCredit loan, one has to reside in one of the given states – Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Texas, Hawaii, Washington, Virginia, South California, New Mexico, Kansas, Nebraska, Rhode Island, Indiana, South Dakota, New Jersey, Illinois, Georgia, Ohio, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Wyoming and Idaho

NetCredit isn’t very Useful for the Following Borrower

  • Who do not reside in a qualifying state? NetCredit does not operate in the following states: North Carolina, Vermont, Colorado, Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut, West Virginia, Iowa and New Hampshire
  • With excellent credit. NetCredit is a lender that specializes in borrowers with bad credit or no credit history. Consumers with good credit should look elsewhere for a loan in order to secure better terms, such as low interest rates.

What NetCredit offers?

Loan amounts and terms for NetCredit Loans

  • Amounts of loans. In general, personal loans range from $1,000 to $10,500, but the exact amount you receive is determined by your state’s limits.
  • Loan conditions. The repayment period ranges from six to sixty months, depending on the loan amount and your state.

Personal Loan Fees

  • APR. While the minimum APR is 34% and the maximum is 155%, the precise range for your transaction is determined by your state and loan amount. In California, for example, the maximum APR for loans between $2,500 and $10,100 is 36.33%. The interest rate for loans between $10,101 and $10,500 is 64% to 65% APR. The APR in Florida ranges from 34.99% to 99.99%.
  • Fee for origination. The origination fee varies by state.
  • There is a late fee. There will be a $25 late fee if you are more than 25 days late.

Benefits and Features

  • Payment options that are adaptable – If you know you’re going to be late with a payment, notify NetCredit immediately. It may be possible to change your due date to avoid a late payment.
  • Financial literacy. NetCredit has a financial resources website where customers can learn more about credit, how to improve their finances, and other topics.

How to Get a NetCredit Personal Loan

The number of factors determines whether a personal loan application is approved or denied. Each lender has its own set of underwriting requirements, but these typically include information from an applicant’s credit profile as well as other factors that demonstrate the applicant’s ability to repay the loan, such as income. Meeting the requirements listed below does not guarantee approval, but it can help you determine if a personal loan is right for you.

  • Credit Score Prerequisites

According to a NetCredit representative, “applicants with [a credit score of] 620 or below” may be eligible. According to its website, your eligibility is “determined by looking at your overall financial picture, not just your credit score.”

  • Income Prerequisites

While NetCredit does not specify a minimum income requirement, you must have a verifiable source of income.

  • Co-applicants and co-signers

Co-signers or co-applicants are not permitted on NetCredit loans. You cannot add your spouse to the loan if you are married. If you don’t meet the income or credit score requirements, this can make it more difficult to qualify for a NetCredit loan.

How to Get a NetCredit Personal Loan

To apply for a NetCredit personal loan, follow these steps:

  1. Complete the basic form. NetCredit has a web-based application form. You’ll find out quickly if you were approved after submitting the form.
  2. Accept the funds. NetCredit may be able to send the money to you within one business day if you are approved. Some borrowers may be required to provide additional documentation before the loan can be finalised.
  3. Begin making payments. When you receive the funds, you must begin making loan payments.  Set up automatic payments to avoid late fees.

Comparison between NetCredit and other loan providers:

The best personal loans offer competitive interest rates, flexible loan amounts, and flexible terms. Here’s how NetCredit personal loans stack up against those offered by other well-known lenders:

  • Upgrade Vs NetCredit

The upgrade provides larger personal loans than NetCredit, with a $50,000 maximum borrowing amount. Its APRs begin roughly four times lower than NetCredit’s, and it offers terms of up to seven years. To qualify for Upgrade, you only need a credit score of 580.

  • NetCredit versus SoFi

SoFi provides personal loans ranging from $5,000 to $100,000 to residents in all states except Mississippi. If you need to borrow more than NetCredit’s $10,000 maximum loan amount, SoFi may be a better option. SoFi, on the other hand, requires a minimum credit score of 650.

  • LightStream vs. NetCredit

LightStream provides personal loans ranging from $5,000 to $100,000, depending on the purpose of the loan. LightStream also provides competitive rates beginning at around 3%. To qualify for a LightStream personal loan, you must have a minimum credit score of 660.



NetCredit is an online lender that provides personal loans to people with bad credit. However, depending on your state, it only offers loan amounts of up to $10,000 and charges higher interest rates than most other lenders. You should not consider a NetCredit personal loan unless you have exhausted all other options.

Its pros consist of – Excellent customer feedback; repayment terms that are flexible. There are no application or prepayment fees.

And cons include: You can only borrow $10,500. The interest rate is higher than that of other lenders. Not available in every state

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