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It is tough for a penetration tester to perform binge-tool scanning without automation. It is a herculean task to perform scans for each and every engagement if re not an expert in automating stuff. The main function of this tool is to solve multiple problems through automation. This would save a lot of precious time. 

Features of this tool-

  1. One step installation
  2. executes a multitude of security scanning tools, does other custom-coded checks, and prints the results spontaneously.
  3. saves a lot of time
  4. checks for the same vulnerabilities with multiple tools to help you zero in on false positives effectively.
  5. critical, high, medium, low, and informational classification of vulnerabilities
  6. vulnerability definitions guide you on what the vulnerability actually is and the threat it can pose
  7. remediations tell you how to plug/fix the found vulnerability.
  8. artificial intelligence to deploy tools automatically depending upon the issues found. for eg; automates the launch of wpscan and plecost tools when a wordpress installation is found
  9. a detailed comprehensive report in a portable document format (*.pdf) with complete details of the scans and tools used. (under development)

Download Link: https://github.com/skavngr/rapidscan

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