Ransomware Attacks Are Increasing in Indian Pharma Sectors

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Recently, researchers have highlighted the issue of rapid increment in ransomware attacks on healthcare and pharma companies. Amid this pandemic situation, these healthcare sectors have tried their best to fight COVID-19 and look after the well being of the people. But new reports suggest that there has been a rapid increment in ransomware attacks on the Indian pharma firms towards the end of 2020 as these companies finalise the vaccine of Covid-19.

Several ransomware gangs and other attack groups have targeted the pharma companies during the Covid-19 crisis as they store sensitive and personal data of patients. Not only pharma companies and healthcare sectors, some of the hospitals have been the victim of ransomware attacks in the last quarter of 2020 . Researchers have predicted that attackers will keep on targeting these healthcare sectors in 2021.

According to some cyber security solutions providers, this pandemic has given a huge opportunity for cybercriminals to innovate their attack strategies and using advanced hacking methodologies to steal personal and sensitive information of common people for their personal gain.

There has been a massive growth in cyberattacks against the Indian vaccine makers and hospitals in the month of October and December. These advancements are likely to continue in the coming year as well. So it is highly recommended for all the companies to strengthen cybersecurity measures in order to prevent such cyberattacks.

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