Friday, April 19, 2024 : Covid Explosion on Flight from Italy: Risk Contained in Amritsar... : Covid Explosion on Flight from Italy: Risk Contained in Amritsar Airport

Hello, my dear readers! Based on the latest update from the “ : Covid Explosion on Flight from Italy,” a threat of covid was found from a foreign country of Italy that has affected India. The covid situation in Italy that we deduced from “ : Covid Explosion on Flight from Italy” is all about how it was contained in Amritsar and how the health ministry handled the entire situation! 

The First Incident | : covid explosion on flight from Italy

If you search for “ : covid explosion on flight from italy”, you will get to know that two flights from Italy to Amritsar airport found a large portion of covid-19 positive patients.

Almost 256 fliers, including 125 international fliers, were found positive to positive for COVID. It was the flight of Milan-Amritsar chartered flight where the passengers were found COVID-positive at the Sri Guru Ram Das International Airport. It was the first time since the breaking of the pandemic that so many covid cases were found positive at once.

  • The health authorities faced a lot of resistance when the passengers insisted on being sent to isolation centres.
  • The agitated passengers also questioned the validity of the reports!
  • A total of 179 passengers were on the flight. SARC Aviation operated the aircraft, and the aircraft was flying over the Verona-Rome-Tibilisi-Amritsar sector, and it stopped refueling in Tbilisi. 
  • Out of 160 tested passengers, 125 were found positive for covid. 19 of them were infants or children and therefore were not tested.
  •  Amidst protests from the covid positive passengers, they were sent to isolation centers in their own districts. 

The Second Incident | : covid explosion on flight from Italy

“ : covid explosion on flight from Italy” also reported that 173 passengers were COVID-positive again from a Rome-Amritsar charter flight in the second consecutive incident. According to “ : covid explosion on flight from Italy,”

  • It was reported that out of 210 passengers, 173 passengers were tested to be COVID positive. 
  • The flight had a total of 285 passengers. 
  • The 173 passengers that were found positive for COVID were sent to institutional quarantine in their respective hometowns.
  • The rest of the passengers were not tested for COVID because they were either minors or infants!

The steps that were taken by the Union Health Ministry

The Union Health Ministry was involved because this was the largest amount of COVID cases observed after the pandemic!

 According to the rules of the union health ministry, all passengers coming from countries deemed as “at risk” must be subjected to mandatory covid 19 checkups as they land at the airport.

All European countries, including Italy, had been deemed as “at risk” by the Union Health Ministry.

The local health authorities have suggested that flights from high-risk countries must be stopped immediately. After the entire incident, the authorities and the Government strived to improve and better contain the pandemic through international travel.


As we got to know, 2 consecutive flights had a large number of covid-19-positive patients who landed at the Amritsar Airport, the Sri Guru Ram Das International Airport. The total amount of covid 19 positive patients found was a total of 298 covid 19 positive patients spread across 2 consecutive days and flights, both being charter flights from Italy to Amritsar. As we also got to know, the local authorities requested flights from high-risk countries be stopped immediately. The union health ministry and its rules state that all passengers arriving from countries that are deemed “at risk” must be put through mandatory checkups for COVID-19. All European countries, including Italy, have been deemed “at risk” by the union health ministry.

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