Privacy Policy changes for WhatsApp

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Recently, whatsapp has sent notifications to Android and iOS users informing them about the privacy policy of the application. In the notification it was mentioned that the new rules will be effective from 8 th Feb 2021 and it is mandatory for all the users to agree to the terms and conditions of this new privacy policy in order to use the app in future.

According to this new privacy policy, Whatsapp will share all the information of its users with Facebook which is the parent company of Whatsapp at present. Facebook will automatically collect all the information from Whatsapp including user’ s mobile number, account information, features used, profile photo etc. Whatsapp says that these information will not only be used by Facebook but also by other Facebook products which includes Instagram, Messenger etc. However the messages will always be end- to – end encrypted, neither whatsapp nor any third party will be able to read the messages.

Though Whatsapp has alerted the users to accept the terms and conditions of the new privacy policy within 8 th Feb 2021, however users seem to be highly concerned about sharing personal with Facebook and are looking for alternative end – to – end encrypted messaging applications like Telegram and Signal.

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