Phishing Campaign Using Fake FINRA Audit Notifications

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Security researchers have observed a new trend in phishing attacks where attackers can be seen using fake yet believable email templates from government agencies  attackers Recently, a regulatory notice has been issued by the U.S. Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) notifying that brokers of an ongoing phishing campaign have been using fake FINRA audit notifications.

The main objective behind these fake audit alerts is to harvest information from U.S. brokerage firms and brokers. Attackers are using legitimate FINRA websites (finra-online[.]com) to deliver phishing messages to trick the users. In the last few months, FINRA has issued several alerts for phishing campaigns that were using lookalike domains.

FINRA had issued several regulatory notices in the last year, with two of them alerting about phishing attacks targeting brokers’ information. The regulator has recommended brokers and brokerage firms to remain cautious against such phishing attacks and follow security guidelines to avoid any risks.

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