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Scrape the Pastebin API to collect daily pastes, create a wordlist, and receive email notifications when a match is found.

You may use the PasteMonitor utility to do two things (for educational purposes only):

1000-3000 pastes each day on average (filetype:.txt)

You can create a wordlist and be notified via email when a match is found.

If your paste is no longer online, you can look for it on your computer or server using the ID (here ID is “WJq2YxPg”)

Before you start using the tool, make sure you’ve done the following:


Sign up for a Pastebin PRO account.

In the “Your Account & Whitelisted IP” box, enter your machine’s IP address.

Create a mail account that can be used to authorise a third-party app (here we use a Gmail account)

Enable two-factor authentication.

Create a password for your app (for more help, see this tutorial)

Then add the following to the “” code:


Credentials through email (“email”, “password”)

Recipient of the email alert (“receiver”)


Line by line, add your keywords to the “wordlist.txt” file.

Disclaimer: The intended use for the tool is strictly educational and should not be used for any other purposes.

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