Monday, February 6, 2023


OverRide is used for binary Exploitation and reverse-engineering from assembly to C. The folders at each level contain-

  • flag – password for next level
  • – how to find password
  • source.c – the reverse-engineered binary
  • – notes on asm


Levels Overview: –

0 – Hardcoded password

1 – Ret2Libc attack

2 – printf() format string attack

3 – Brute force password

4 – gets() stack overflow + Return-to-libc attack

5 – Shellcode in env variable + printf() format string attack

6 – Hash value discoverable with gdb

7 – Ret2Libc Attack on an unprotected data table

8 – Binary backs up a password via a symlink

9 – Off-by-one error

This project was created only for educational purposes and not for any unethical practices.

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