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Orange Cap IPL 2024 and Other Exciting Details of IPL!

Cricket lovers in India and all around the world wait for the commencement of the Indian Premier League (IPL) every year during the summer months. The IPL cricket tournament brings with it a lot of excitement and fervour. This year’s Tata IPL was played by ten teams, namely the Mumbai Indians, Chennai Super Kings, Royal Challengers Bangalore, Sunrisers Hyderabad, Kolkata Knight Riders, Gujarat Titans, Delhi Capitals, Rajasthan Royals, Punjab Kings, and Lucknow Super Giants. The Indian Premier League has often been associated with grandeur, entertainment, and loads of cricketing fun. There are several trophies and awards that are given out every year at the end of the tournament, such as the orange cap in IPL 2024, the IPL winner prize, and several others. There is always a lot of excitement about the Orange Cap IPL 2024, as it is given to the batsman who scored the most number of runs in that season. The IPL orange cap is a coveted item and often goes around different batsmen till the end of the season.

While cricketing fans around the world were losing interest in watching the longer formats of the game, the Cricketing Board of India, BCCI, launched the Indian Premier League. With the admiration and joy that this shorter format of the game has brought to people, the IPL also follows some rules that are quite specific to it and not followed in other international matches.

About the Final Match

At the end of the tournament, the Orange Cap IPL 2024 and the IPL winner prize money are distributed to the deserving candidates. The two-month-long extravaganza of the IPL came to an end with the final match that was played between the Kolkata Knight Riders and the Sunrisers Hyderabad in Ahmedabad. The Kolkata Knight Riders won the match and took home their third IPL trophy.

KKR portrayed a match-winning performance on the field and took away the IPL winning prize. Although the Sunrisers Hyderabad tried their best, the Kolkata Knight Riders put up a fierce and dominant attack by restricting Hyderabad to the lowest-ever run in an IPL Final of one hundred and thirteen.

The prize distribution ceremony was marked by the giving away of several awards, such as the Orange Cap IPL 2024 and the IPL 2024 winner prize money. Each award or designation that is given out to the team members is accompanied by a certain cash prize as well.

Rajasthan Royals and Royal Challengers Bangalore had also reached the semi-finals but were eventually thrown out of the race in the qualifiers and eliminators, respectively. Virat Kohli of Royal Challengers Bangalore was awarded the orange cap 2024, which is a big honour for a batsman. Although these teams were unable to reach the finals, they played some commendable cricket on the field.

The players of the ten teams have showcased enormous grit and perseverance on the field over the last two months of the game. Hence, in order to appreciate their efforts and give recognition to the youngsters,.

The Winners of the Tournament This Year

Orange Cap IPL 2024

The Orange Cap IPL 2024 was awarded to Virat Kohli of Royal Challengers Bangalore. He was awarded the Orange Cap IPL 2024 for scoring the most runs in the IPL 2024. The orange cap is given to the sportsman who is able to score the most runs for the season.

Virat Kohli had successfully scored 741 runs in fifteen matches. This led him to get the Orange Cap IPL 2024. Kohli contributed to his team-run chases by keeping his mind strong and playing to the best of his abilities. He was also successful in scoring a century for the team, and without doubt, he deserved the IPL 2024 orange cap.

Purple Cap

Just like the Orange Cap IPL 2024, the Purple Cap is given to a bowler who is able to take the most number of wickets for the season. The shorter format of the game has made it easier for the batsmen to score runs, and bowlers are often not given their due attention.

Thus, the IPL’s inclusion of the Purple Cap is considered a very important move by cricket viewers around the world. Harshal Patel of the Punjab Kings was given the Purple Cap. He showcased considerable acumen on the field with the ball and played a very vital role for his team. Patel was able to take twenty-four wickets in only fourteen matches. This was the highest number of wickets taken this IPL season.

Harshal Patel played a crucial role for the Punjab Kings by making sure that they were cruising towards success.

Emerging Player of the Season

The Indian Premier League has always tried to support and encourage new talents so that they may be encouraged to play even better cricket in the years to come. For IPL 2024, Nitish Kumar Reddy of Sunrisers Hyderabad was given the title of Emerging Player of the Season. He had scored 303 runs in the entire season, and his performance remained outstanding and consistent throughout.

Most Valuable Player of the Season

This award is given to the individual who has contributed the most to their team in that given season. Sunil Narine of the Kolkata Knight Riders was given the award for this season. Narine contributed extensively to his team through both his batting and bowling. Narine, being an all-rounder, gave some incredible performances the entire season, which ensured that KKR reached the finals.

Prize money in IPL 2024

When someone wins the Orange Cap IPL 2024 or the trophy, the Indian Premier League ensures that they get both the award and prize money. The IPL prize money 2024 was a total of 46.5 crore. This total amount is divided between the individual players who have shown commendable talent on the field as well as individual players like the orange cap ipl winner or the emerging player of the season.

Winners: Kolkata Knight Riders, INR 20 crore

Kolkata Knight Riders won the IPL 2024 season final due to their strategic team performance, grit, and overall power play in all the departments of batting, bowling, and fielding. The Kolkata Knight Riders took home a large sum of INR 20 crore, which will be divided among the team members, staff, and coaches.

The team also had considerable support and guidance from the captain, Shreyas Iyer, who motivated the team and made sure that KKR triumphed in the final.

Runner Up: Sunrisers Hyderabad, INR 13 crore

Sunrisers Hyderabad had a wonderful season in IPL 2024, wherein they recovered from a bad season they had last year. After being at the bottom of the table the last season, Hyderabad triumphed to reach the finals against the mighty Kolkata Knight Riders.

Despite their loss in the finals, it should be mentioned that Hyderabad, under the captaincy of Pat Cummins, showcased immense grit and played some very good games. Hyderabad had also won the Fair Play Award, which shows that the team was committed to keeping the spirit of the game alive.

Due to their runners-up position, Hyderabad was given a sum of INR 13 crores for the commendable game showcased by the players.

Third Place: Rajasthan Royals: INR 7 crore

The Rajasthan Royals were among the four teams that qualified for the semi-finals. They had won the eliminator match against the Royal Challengers Bangalore but fell short of a few runs in the quarterfinal match against Sunrisers Hyderabad.

Despite that, this team, led by Sanju Samson, had been consistent for the entire season and showed some remarkable skills on the field. The team was given a sum of INR 7 crore due to their exceptional IPL season.

Fourth Place: Royal Challengers Bangalore: INR 6.5 Crore

Although the Royal Challengers Bangalore had started off the season with several failures, they were able to jump back just in time. The team, led by Faf du Plessis, was able to rise from the bottom of the table and gain a spot in the semi-finals. The team also had the highest run scorer of the season, and the Orange Cap IPL 2024 belongs to one of their team members, Virat Kohli.

Royal Challengers Bangalore was given a sum of INR 6.5 crore for playing some remarkable games.

Prize Money of Individual Players

Award Name Player Name Amount
Orange Cap IPL 2024 Virat Kohli (741 Runs) INR 15 Lakhs
Purple Cap Harshal Patel (24 wickets) INR 15 Lakhs
Emerging Player of the Season Nitish Kumar Reddy INR 20 Lakhs
Most Valuable Player of the Season Sunil Narine INR 12 Lakhs
List of Other Individual Player Winners
Award Name Player/team
Most 4s Travis Head – 64 Fours
Most 6s Abhishek Sharma – 42 Sixes
Catch of the Season Ramandeep Singh
Fair Play Award Sunrisers Hyderabad
Pitch and Ground Award Hyderabad Cricket Association
Ultimate Fantasy Player of the Season Sunil Narine
Striker of the Season Jake Fraser-McGurk


The Indian Premier League offers great exposure to both the Indian and the foreign players. The cricketing fans all around the world also enjoy this two-month-long extravaganza, and the players around the world get an opportunity to show their acumen.

Several awards such as the Orange Cap IPL 2024 or the Purple cap are given out so that the players are encouraged and feel motivated to play remarkable cricket.

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