Online Learning Company K12 suffered Ransomware Attack

You are currently viewing Online Learning Company K12 suffered Ransomware Attack

Recently, online learning solutions provider K12 Inc faced a ransomware attack and had to pay a ransom to cybercriminals who managed to breach its systems and deploy a piece of ransomware.

Initially, the company detected unauthorized activity on its network. The attackers deployed a piece of ransomware and accessed information stored on some corporate back-office systems. This includes student and employee information, but K12 has yet to determine exactly what type of information has been compromised.

As indicated by the company, the attack did not disrupt its learning management system, nor any major corporate systems. Rather it claimed accounting, payroll, procurement, enrollment and shipping systems remained operational. It also claimed that data on the learning management system was not accessed during the breach. But as the attackers managed to obtain some information, the company decided to pay them.

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