Network Perception Secures $13 Million Series A Funding Round

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Network Perception, a provider of mission-critical asset protection operational technology (OT) solutions, said today that it has secured $13 million in Series A funding. Energy Impact Partners and other current investors such as Serra Ventures, Okapi Venture Capital, Energy Foundry, and SaaS Venture Capital participated in the investment round, which was led by The Westly Group. Network Perception now has a total financing of $15.73 million thanks to the Series A funding

Network Perception solutions use intuitive network segmentation verification and visualisation to proactively and continuously ensure the security of critical OT assets. The Network Perception NP-View platform, which was created by a government-funded research team of cybersecurity academics and industry experts in network security and critical infrastructure protection, has become the industry standard for verifying proper network segmentation, ensuring network security compliance, and visualising industrial control network environments.

The Series A funding will allow Network Perception to extend its commercial activities and solve important sectors’ OT network cybersecurity demands, as well as expand into new vertical and international markets and form strategic alliances to speed up go-to-market development. Network Perception will continue to lead the way in OT cybersecurity by delivering innovative solution-based technologies and driving innovation. In the next weeks, the business will release the NP-View Essential edition of its platform, which will enable compliance and security teams in small and large organisations with quick visualisation and network verification.

“The security of important OT assets is crucial to public safety and the running of everyday services that we all rely on,” stated Robin Berthier, CEO and Co-Founder of Network Perception. “This additional financing will enable us to raise network security to a new level, giving administrators more control and insight, and preventing possible vulnerabilities from becoming public. This is not only significant, but also necessary in today’s operational technological environment.”

“As the quantity and intensity of assaults on our physical infrastructure grows, network protection and compliance become more vital,” said Danny Cotter, Partner at The Westly Group. “We represent several of the world’s leading energy and industrial businesses, who own or run essential infrastructure worth billions of dollars. The network transparency and continuous mapping solution from Network Perception strengthen the first line of perimeter security for asset-centric businesses. We’re thrilled to be partnering with Network Perception as they deliver premier critical infrastructure security to increasingly complex and vulnerable operational technology networks.”

“Network Perception is a leader in critical infrastructure firewall risk assessment, with a platform that verifies and visualises firewall policies to ensure an organization’s most important assets are protected and compliant,” said Harry Giovani, Managing Partner and CEO of Energy Impact Partners Credit Strategies. “We are excited to help Network Perception grow and expand into the utilities business.”

Concerning Network Perception

Network Perception has been the industry leader in best-in-class OT network cybersecurity audit and compliance solutions since 2014. Network Perception ensures compliance and protection promptly and safely with intuitive, mapping-centric visualisation and independent network segmentation verification.


The technology platform and products of Network Perception range in functionality from essential network auditing technology to continuous and proactive visualisation of OT network vulnerabilities, all with the goal of enhancing network security and cyber resiliency for critical infrastructure companies.

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