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NameSouth Becomes The Victim of Ransomware Attack And Data Breach

NameSouth, a popular US based auto parts shop has been the latest victim of ransomware attack carried by the Netwalker ransomware group. The ransomware gang has leaked a 3GB archive belonging to NameSouth that consists of confidential company data and sensitive documents, including financial and accounting data, credit card statements, employee information, and various legal documents.

According to researchers, the archive was stolen from NameSouth network on 26th of November, 2020 but all the information was leaked a few days later. So security experts have concluded that it may be a ransomware attack and the data was released after the company failed to pay the ransom within the deadline.

Security experts have advised the company to establish an intelligent threat detection system or a security incident event management system. In the event of a breach by malicious actors, these systems will alert your IT personnel about the incident in real-time and help them prevent data exfiltration from company servers.

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