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mySNHU student portal and SNHU Brightspace: How to login?

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If you are a student at Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU), your student portal is called the mySNHU student portal and it is also known my snhu edu blackboard. As you are aware, the mySNHU portal or my snhu edu blackboard is very user-friendly, offers students a variety of features, and greatly simplifies their lives by giving them quick access to all of the tools they need for their studies, such as online reading material in addition to simple forms of communication like SNHU mail. It also gives them access to brightspace, a virtual environment for the students. In this blog, we will be talking about the various features of the mySNHU student portal as well as how a student of SNHU can access Brightspace.

mySNHU Brightspace

Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) uses SNHU Brightspace as an online learning management system (LMS) to provide an online learning system to its students. Brightspace, a cloud-based solution, facilitates online education by providing seamless connectivity and an easy-to-use interface.

Brightspace is a D2L (Desire2Learn) company’s education domain-related software product that is jam-packed with powerful tools, customizable content, best-in-class service and support, online collaboration, and assessment tools.

SNHU hopes to assist its students by providing engaging learning content and timely support through the Brightspace online learning tools.

The various features of mySNHU Brightspace

SNHU Brightspace in the mySNHU portal (my snhu edu blackboard) for the students of Southern New Hampshire University has a variety of features that help the students regarding the engagement of their schoolwork, tracking of their course progress, and interaction with their instructors and peers. Some of the various key features of Brightspace in the mySNHU portal are:

  1. mySNHU: A link to mySNHU can be found in the top menu bar of your SNHU Brightspace dashboard page. If you click this link, you will be taken to your mySNHU dashboard page. Students can easily access both the mySNHU and Brightspace portals with a single login because they are linked.
  2. Course Menu: Important links related to the course such as Learning Moducles, Discussions, Announcements, Assignments and Grades are provided in the course menu. These options are extremely beneficial to students because they provide access to the most important services.
  3. Grades: Students can view their Grades online at any time by clicking the Grades link under the Course Menu
  4. Assignments: Students can access their assignments by clicking the Assignment link in the “Course Menu” menu. Students can submit assignments and view their submitted assignments.
  5. Online courses: This is the main feature of the SNHU Brightspace, and it allows instructors to upload various types of course content in video, image, document, and other formats. Students can access these courses through their accounts at any time by logging in to Brightspace in the mySNHU portal.
  6. Discussion: Under the “Course Menu,” there is a discussion forum option. Click on this link to visit the discussion forum and participate in discussions with other students. Ask questions, answer other students’ questions, talk about courses, and so on.
  7. Support for academics: The SNHU Brightspace also offers academic support. Both the link on the Brightspace dashboard page and the link in the top menu allow students to access the support options.
  8. Messages: Students can check their messages by clicking on the link in the top bar. Students will also receive notifications for any unread mail or messages.
  9. Notification: After the message link in the top bar, there is a bell icon that provides important updates about new SNHU announcements, upcoming due dates, end dates, new and updated grades, and so on.
  10. Account menu: Students can access their account menu by clicking their photo in the top right corner. It provides useful features such as student profiles, notifications, account settings, progress, and logout.
  11. Assessment: Once you’ve accessed your course, you’ll see more options in the menu. The assessment option can be found here. Students can access assignments, grades, discussions, quizzes, and rubrics through this option. In addition to the assessment, you will have access to the Content and Course Resources options. Options include chat, awards, class list, competencies, course admin, glossary, groups, links, and so on.

The benefits of Brightspace

SNHU Brightspace in the mySNHU portal or the my snhu edu blackboard is extremely beneficial to students and teachers because of the various learning related services provided to them. The benefits are:

mySNHU Brightspace benefits for the teachers

mySNHU Brightspace provides multiple benefits to help the teachers, as mentioned below:

  1. Assessment: Educators can use simple online assessment tools at any time. It assists teachers in evaluating students’ performance and providing quick feedback and grades via the Brightspace portal.
  2. Analytics: Teachers can also access various analytics reports that show students’ academic performance and track records.

mySNHU Brightspace benefits for the students

The important benefits that the students using the mySNHU Brightspace get are:

  1. Simple communication: Through Brightspace, students can easily communicate with their instructors and ask questions. It enables students to communicate in an easy and secure manner.
  2. Account access is simple: Account access is simple. Students can use their mySNHU login or log in directly to their Brightspace account using the link provided by SNHU.
  3. Simple navigation: SNHU Brightspace navigation is simple, and students can easily access all of their courses, assignments, quizzes, and other information.
  4. Personalization options: Students have numerous personalization options available to them. Students can PIN their favorite items or courses to their Quick access dashboard.
  5. Simple accessibility: Even at home, students have access to their accounts and learning materials at any time.

How to login to Brightspace?

To access all the various features of Brightspace such as the learning materials or the academic support resources provided to you, you must login to your Brightspace account. The login process is simple and the ways to access Brightspace and the requirements needed are provided below:

SNHU Brightspace login requirements

The few requirements needed to access your Brightspace account are:

  1. To access your Brightspace account, you need a secure and reliable device.
  2. The device must be equipped with a current, secure web browser.
  3. At the time of login, there must be a reliable internet connection.
  4. You must be enrolled at Southern New Hampshire University.
  5. Your login information must be available, and you must be registered on the mySNHU student portal.

The supported browsers for Brightspace login are:

  1. Desktop- Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox web browsers is recommended by Brightspace for the MAC and the Windows operating systems.
  2. Mobile/Tablet- Apple Safari for iOS devices and Google Chrome for Android devices is recommended by Brightspace.


In addition to that, the two ways to login and access Brightspace are:

  1. Login with the mySNHU portal
  2. Login with the Brightspace direct login link

mySNHU Brightspace login

The steps below must be followed to access your Brightspace account through the snhu student portal:

  1. Go to the mySNHU login page
  2. Click on your student account
  3. Enter your student details to access your mySNHU portal
  4. Click the top left menu link on your mySNHU dashboard
  5. Open your Brightspace learning portal by clicking on the Brightspace link
  6. Clicking on your course link and logging in to your Brightspace student portal is also possible.

You can click on the following extension to access your snhu student portal: login

SNHU Brightspace direct login

To directly login and access your Brightspace student page, follow the steps given below as the students do not have to log in to mySNHU. The steps are:

  1. Go to brightspace
  2. Enter your login details to access your Brightspace account
  3. Enter your Brightspace username and password to access the dashboard

This will allow you to login and access your Brightspace account without logging into mySNHU


mySNHU student portal for Southern New Hampshire University students is a feature-rich website for the students as it allows them various benefits for the betterment of their education and nourishment as learners. Some students might not have an idea of how to access the snhu student portal as well as the SNHU Brightspace dashboard, and I hope this blog was able to give them an idea of the various features available for the students as well as how one can login to both the websites.

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