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MyEnvoyAir Login | Portal


Myenvoyair is easy to use web portal. However, new users may find it hard to navigate across the Website. If this sounds like you, you won’t feel this way once you read the following sections. So without further ado, let’s jump into it. If you are here on this page reading this article, you must be an Envoy Air employee or an associate.

Now, to make the best of your job at the airline and enroll in employee benefits offered by the company, you should know how to use Myenvoyair’s official web portal. Here we have listed some of the most prominent uses of Myenvoyair and tried our best to paint a picture in your mind of how you can make your job life easy using this MyEnvoyair employee portal. In the subsequent sections, we have discussed the Myenvoyair employee portal, its use and benefits, how to log in to your Myenvoyair account, and a method to reset the user account password. 

Benefits of My Envoy Air 

  • Employees may access a wealth of information about their positions through the MyenvoyAir interface, including their work schedules, paychecks, the progress of their payroll processing, their W2s, and much more.
  • The portal provides details on job openings and training courses.
  • You may learn more about your dental and medical benefits on the portal.
  • Employees have access to information on their financial perks, including retirement plans, retirement benefits, incentives for good performance, the Employee Credit Union, and more.  login – My Envoy Air Login ( login) 

MyEnvoyAir allows users to digitize their corporate documents, centralize HR information and explore medical benefits. Whether you want to view your payroll status or get information about training programs and career opportunities in envoy air log-in, Myenvoyair provides easy access.

Myenvoyair helps Envoy Air employees to connect and stay updated with the events occurring in the organization. Easy online access means you can apply for time-offs, access your employment documents, and view or print payslips, and timesheets from anywhere, anytime. With the help of this employee portal, users can explore the medical and dental benefits offered by the airline company and enroll in them. In a nutshell, it is a central destination for employees to manage certain HR operations, get in touch with Envoy Air policies and improve the efficiency of administrative tasks. 

Information transparency is probably the best thing about the Myenvoyair employee portal. Since it allows users to view information on the portal, they can easily manage documents related to benefits, safety procedures, salary revisions, complaints, and other company policies and authenticate them. Employees managing administrative tasks digitally not only makes it efficient but also helps reduce the dependence on physical files and folders, thus contributing to a greener world. It’s high time we take paper production’s environmental impact seriously and reduce deforestation by going paperless. We have intentionally not gone too specific with using the MyEnvoyAir employee portal and tried to keep it a bit general. Once you access your account, you can gain hands-on experience and learn how to navigate various options and services.

Requirements for MyEnvoyAir Login (www.myenvoy.air

  • You must use a PC, tablet, or smartphone with an active internet connection to access your account. We recommend using a PC/laptop for the best experience.
  • Accessing my envoy air employee account required an AA ID and password. (If you don’t remember your user password, you can create a new one using the method presented in the next section)

Note: Never login to your account from public wifi or a device. Always keep the login credentials secure yourself. 

  • Launch Google Chrome on your device; go to the address bar, type, and hit Enter.
  • You will be redirected to the Americal Airlines official employee web portal.
  • Here you will be asked to type your AA ID and Password. 
  • Type in the valid credentials, and hit the Login button. 

And you will be redirected to your my envoy air employee dashboard. From here, you can navigate to different services and benefits. Owing to the Website’s user-friendly interface, it’s easy to use and doesn’t take much time to become used to.

MyEnvoyAir Account Registration 

Are you a first-time user of If yes, to access your employee portal, you have to register yourself. Here is how to do it:

  • Open Google Chrome on your device. If you don’t have it, open any web browser. 
  • Head to the address bar at the top, type “,” and load the Website. Make sure your internet is working fine. 
  • You will be redirected to “” Don’t worry; You aren’t on the wrong Website; it’s the official Website. 
  • On the webpage, you will see Americal Airlines written at the top. Under the login button, click “First Time User?” and tap “Register now.”
  • On the follows up next, you will be asked to enter your “User ID.” It’s the 8-digits Employee/Contractor Number you have been given during your joining process.

If you don’t have your User ID, you should contact your HR department and ask for your employee number.  

Remember that without a valid 8-digits user ID, you can’t create your myenvoyair account. The portal won’t take you further unless you provide the required details correctly. 

  • After entering your user ID, click Submit and confirm your identity to proceed further. 
  • Next, you will be redirected to the registration page. All you have to do is follow the onscreen instructions and enter details as required.
  • At last, you will be asked to create a new password for your my envoy air employee account. Make sure your password is hard to guess and doesn’t contain common phrases, or anything easily guessable. 

About Envoy Air Inc | myenvoyair

Before we go over explaining Myenvoyair, let’s shed some light on the workings of Envoy Air:

Founded in 1984, Envoy Air Inc was formerly known as American Eagle Airlines. It’s an American regional airline headquartered in Irving, Texas. The airline is a fully-owned subsidiary of the American Airlines Group. 

When writing this article, the company has a team of more than 18,000 employees, operable to 1,000+ daily flights over 150 destinations in the United States, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and South America.

As previously mentioned, Envoy was formerly known as American Eagle Airlines. It was formed by merging several airlines owned by America’s parent company. 

If you are wondering why the name was changed, it was to avoid confusion with other regional carriers operating under American Eagle.


So this is pretty much it! We hope you learned useful information about the myenvoyair employee portal. If you have any questions regarding the subject.

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