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Multichannel marketing automation done hassle-free

SendPulse overview

Performing repetitive tasks often decreases the productivity of marketing and customer support departments when employees manually send email campaigns, answer customer questions, and update about promos. Marketing automation platforms help run campaigns at a scheduled time without any control from the marketing team. With these tools, business owners can ensure effective and seamless lead nurturing.

Many services help solve this problem and automate monotonous tasks, yet it’s always better to choose an all-in-one solution that covers all the features a brand needs. They can achieve it without any programming skills. One of the platforms that fit the description above is SendPulse. This multifunctional solution enables you to send quality email campaigns, provide a seamless user experience, respond to customers’ inquiries with chatbots in no time, and organize all your contacts within its free CRM. We’ll review the software’s features aimed at product promotion.

Chatbot Builder

Since site visitors often expect customer support agents to respond immediately, chatbots help ensure it 24/7. Chatbot is an effective tool widely incorporated by startups and enterprises. SendPulse’s chatbot creator enables you to increase customer satisfaction and improve successful deals by setting up auto-replies and developing sales pipelines. The multiplatform chatbot builder supports the most popular social media channels like Instagram and Facebook and messengers like WhatsApp and Telegram. As a result, your prospects and clients receive answers to frequently asked questions within seconds at any time of the day.

Although chatbots can’t substitute your customer support team, they can support your customer support agents by reducing their workload. Besides, chatbots ensure 24/7 support, generate personalized offers, and close deals. Write selling scenarios for your chatbot flow to encourage potential customers to convert and win more deals.

With the service’s help, you can integrate your chatbot with GPT-3. The model enables you to provide quality human-like responses to customers’ questions quickly. There are several models to choose from depending on your business purpose. For instance, the Curie model is perfect for Q&A. Once you set up and teach your chatbot, it will take on many tasks and unload your team.

Below you can see how to create messages for your chatbot flow and connect them. When users choose a specific action from the list, they will receive answers to their questions.

Email marketing Service

The platform is all about automation and their their email service is no exception. You can share information about your product with your subscribers. Design good-looking emails without coding and programming skills using the platform’s drag-and-drop editor. It allows you to drag the necessary elements to the editor field to create an email that complies with your requirements. Choose and set up variables, events, or actions that trigger email sending. By automating this process, you are saving time for your team members and increasing their productivity.

To send emails to the right people, consider using tags. After assigning tags to different contacts, you can organize them into relevant groups and send appealing email campaigns to your subscribers based on their preferences. Leverage the service’s personalization feature to increase your email open rates. The platform will help you fill out the information in your email using available data. The bulk email service will autofill replaceable text fields based on the variables you set. The platform can automatically insert name, age, gender, date of birth, etc.

Segmentation will be useful for sending different email campaigns to different audience segments. This way, you’ll be able to send relevant emails to subscribers based on their location, gender, interests, preferences, etc.

The example below shows how easily you can edit the ready template to comply with your brand’s requirements.

Automation 360

Automation 360 enables you to design custom scenarios and send automated text messages via email, SMS, web push notification, Messenger, etc. Users’ actions trigger sending of a message. To set up the flow, you need to choose the event, for example, a new subscriber on your mailing list, a change of the deal stage, or a specific date. After choosing the start condition (trigger), you need to select the channel: email, push, SMS, etc. Once prospects receive your message, you can perform the necessary actions.

You can combine different channels to update customers on various events and automatically move them through the sales funnel with the service’s help.

Web Push Notifications

Web push notifications can serve you as one more effective promotion channel, and SendPulse empowers you to get visitors back to your site with browser notifications. Potential clients will receive desktop notifications about sales, promotions, discounts, new product releases, attractive offers, etc. This way, you can get in touch with prospects at a glance. The service is easy to use, so you don’t need special knowledge or skills. The interface is user-friendly.

SendPulse allows you to design custom subscription requests. Choose the laydown of your subscription request and the time when it will show up. You can set it up to emerge after a user opens your site, after a specific period on your website, or after a user clicks on a link. Moreover, you can develop an automation flow for new subscribers and send them a series of notifications to update leads on important events, releases, news, etc. SendPulse’s web push notifications have personalization and segmentation features. With their help, your message looks more appealing and targeted. It draws visitors’ attention and encourages them to take action.

To create web push notifications, you need to add your website, as in the example below. It will take a little of your time.


Pop-ups are vital for businesses because they perform several functions. They generate leads, convert prospects into customers, and boost revenue. Pop-ups also contribute to the decision-making process and encourage purchases. Smart pop-ups help you collect contacts and convert users into customers. The platform offers a wide range of templates in its library that suit different occasions, purposes, and industries. Personalizing your offers and communication can boost conversion rates and reduce churn-outs.

Check out the screenshot below to see a modified SendPulse pop-up template based on the user’s needs.

When you develop scenarios for your pop-ups, display conditions allow you to set up when the pop-up appears. Visitors’ actions on your website will trigger the notifications. For instance, a pop-up can emerge when a user scrolls the page or intends to close the tab. Consider personalizing your message if people visit your website several times. To attain customers’ attention, you can use a unique popup design.

The service enables you to select a pop-up target action to find out later which pop-up types bring the best results and helps you reach your business goals. After specifying the action, you can run tests to identify the most effective pop-ups for future campaigns. The platform empowers you to create the following popups: phone number request, chatbot subscription, cookie request, video pop-up, redirect to a landing page, and email subscription.

Online Course Builder

COVID-19 and people’s craving for new knowledge and skills caused a shift to online learning. The number of registrations for online courses reached its peak when COVID hit since many workers and students had to go online. According to Coursera, the platform has gained 20 million new students in 2021.

Online courses have become reliable sources of information for learners and good revenue for teachers. However, developing a quality online course can be time-consuming if you do everything yourself. On the other hand, hiring specialists can be costly, so finding a platform is a perfect decision. SendPulse’s course builder is a great solution that combines all vital features necessary for experts, influencers, bloggers, online schools, universities, etc.

SendPulse is a platform that has everything to share your knowledge and skills with students all over the world. You can create an online course in marketing, fashion, design, business development, or history from scratch or with professional templates. The service provides free ready-to-go templates that suit different areas of interest. Consider editing the template and changing the structures, colors, and fonts on the go to comply with your brand requirements. With SendPulse’s visual builder, you can add various materials and edit information in your course to ensure readability. The platforms enable you to add video, audio, infographics, and visuals to increase memorability.

Below you can see how to do it.

After each section, you can add tests to check learners’ knowledge. It helps you figure out the effectiveness of your classes. Once students finish your course, you’ll be able to issue certificates of completion. Design a certificate based on your preferences. You don’t need to search for appropriate tools to promote the course because SendPulse has it all. You can choose email campaigns, chatbots, web push notifications, and pop-ups to communicate your message.

If you are searching for platforms to handle your marketing tasks, SendPulse is a perfect solution. It substitutes several services by combining crucial marketing promotion channels.  Through free plans, creators provide users with a seamless user experience, a user-friendly interface, and quality products.


Author Bio:

Meet Alex, a seasoned marketer and author who has a passion for marketing automation and helping small businesses succeed. When he’s not busy writing about the latest marketing trends and tools, you can spot him cycling through the countryside or walking his dog.

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