May 28, 2022
15 Billion Blogs | IEMLabs

Recently, more than 15 billion login credentials have been discovered by researchers and cyber security experts that were released on the Dark we for sale.  The released database included usernames, passwords, login data from online bank accounts, and from online music & video streaming services. 

Along with the 15 billion credentials, researchers have also discovered around one lakh separate data breaches in the last two years. On analyzing the data breaches experts concluded that there has been a 300 percent increment in the release of stolen credentials on the dark web. Moreover, attackers have also demanded huge amount of money while dealing with these stolen credentials. The average cost for the commercially sold logins was around $15.43.

Hackers have used a wide variety of tools and techniques to gain access to these login credentials which included Phishing, Burp Suite Professional application, WarBot botnets, Hydra, Credential-stealing malware, Sentry MBA account cracker, Zeus, Credit-card skimmers etc. As a preventive measure, experts have recommended all the internet users to use the online platforms very carefully and give individual passwords for each online platform.

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