MITRE Reveals 2022 List of Most Dangerous Software Bugs

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A non-profit American company called MITRE has published a list of the top 25 most prevalent and harmful software flaws for 2022.


Top five Bugs


The top 5 software problems over the previous two calendar years are as follows:


CWE-787: Unauthorized KEV Count (CVEs): 62


Cross-site Scripting (CWE-79), KEV Count (CVEs): 02


SQL Injection, CWE-89, KEV Count (CVEs): 7


Improper input validation, 20 CVEs (KEVs), CWE-20


Out-of-bounds read, KEV Count(CVEs): 1, CWE-125


Each weakness was given a score by MITRE according to its frequency and seriousness to produce this list. The company examined information for 37,899 CVEs from the Known Exploited Vulnerabilities (KEV) Catalog and the National Vulnerability Database (NVD) of NIST.


How may bugs cause system damage?

The systems they are running on may be vulnerable to attacks because of the software defects.

Threat actors could be able to manipulate the affected devices as a result and obtain private data.

The effect of the bugs

The top 25 vulnerabilities listed by MITRE are regarded as very serious since they are frequently simple to find, have a significant impact, and are frequently found in software that was issued in the recent two years.

Software faults include bugs as well as flaws, vulnerabilities, and other mistakes that are frequently found in the code, architecture, implementation, or design of software solutions.



Cybersecurity agencies throughout the world regularly report vulnerabilities that are often exploited by threat actors and pose serious dangers to major organisations.

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