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Make your application process easier with AI Passport Maker

You can expect a bunch of modernization with the hype of artificial intelligence technology employed in many life sectors, including passport making. It’s hard to stick with the old-time ways when it comes to getting your job done or accommodating your needs, especially when a handy solution is available. AI passport size photo maker online tools offer a more convenient method of passport photo-making, allowing you to have a nice-taken and acceptable picture.

Many online passport photo maker tools deliver a smart and speedy process and a friendly and straightforward user interface that gives you all the benefits of acquiring a great passport photo. However, with the number of online tools available, get one that meets your needs. Here are the 3 best AI passport photo maker online tools to help you pick the one.

An easy, fully automated passport maker is now achievable in your hands. features amazing technology, including AI, to help you create an ultimate presentable passport photo. This tool employs numerous valuable attributes to help you create passport photos, visa photos, driver’s license photos, ID card photos, and even birth certificate photos with great quality and resolution.


  • From the homepage of Passportmaker, you can choose the type of document and sizes that you need.

  • also features background photo removal to help you adjust to the official regulation of each document’s requirements. It employs an advanced algorithm that automatically crops and centers your photo once uploaded. The tool is super easy to use and has a friendly interface suitable for any user. It requires 4 simple steps to make a perfect passport photo.

  • Choose 1 from 130 countries and the document type you want to make.

  • Upload a clear photo of your choice. The photo must be carefully taken without any shadow on your face. Be careful when taking a picture because it must comply with the official requirements.


Automated edits will be made with AI technology. The tool’s AI will help to prepare your photo without a hassle—cropping, adjusting, and changing the background.

Download and print. After all the processes are done, you can easily download and print the picture to submit the documents. 

What’s best about is that it is available on any platform and device. You can use it online on your PC or download it from the Play Store and App Store. It’s a photo passport generator that is free to use and has plenty of useful attributes. is another choice of a quality passport size photo maker out there. It has powerful features that will help you have a good quality passport photo and perfect it. This passport size photo maker allows you to change the background, edit face details, improve resolution, and more.

The tool is very simple and gives you a speedy result in just one click. Say goodbye to the time-consuming process that comes with a traditional photo session. It offers cost efficiencies and trusted results for an acceptable passport from countries like the USA, Japan, the UK, Germany, etc.

To use this tool, there are only 4 simple steps to follow:

Choose which country’s passport you want to make

Upload a photo. The photo can be taken from your smartphone, but ensure it is well-taken with natural facial expressions and proper attire.

Edit and adjust. Use its AI-based technology to help you edit any unwanted obstruction in your picture. You can also change the background, crop the image, and improve the details of your face.

Preview and download. If you’re happy in just one try, then go ahead and print the photo. If not, you can upload another photo and adjust until the desired result is accomplished.

This photo passport size photo maker also offers more premium features, including an AI image enhancer, sharpener, retoucher, upscaler, and denoiser. You can also restore old photos using its advanced AI technology to retouch and recolor them. comes with subscription plans to get you premium access. You can choose the subscription plan of  $39.90 monthly, $79.90 a year, or $119.90 for lifetime access.


Persofoto is a great one-stop solution for your passport size photo maker and other online ID pictures. This tool can deliver a high-quality biometric photo with useful features to edit and adjust your picture to meet the standards. Not only that, you can also get a professional review before printing.

Passport size photo maker online gives you more control over the result. It’s easy to use, highly versatile, and equipped with sophisticated attributes to use by yourself or by getting expert help. Either way, Persofoto makes a good choice of creating passport photos online. It’s really simple and only requires 3 steps to do.

Upload an image. Select your most recent photo showcasing clear facial focal points and ensure nothing is blurry.

The tool will automatically edit and crop your photo to meet the passport size’s requirements. 

You can preview the picture before downloading. When the result is satisfying, print your photo directly from your home.

Persofoto also features a self-editing tool that allows you to manually drag and drop, rotate images, crop, or align. This tool also offers its users professional service—an expert check to ensure your photo is legally presentable and acceptable. If it’s not suitable, you can upload a new photo and get it checked until it is. 

You can get Persofoto for free to access its basic features like cropping, downloading, and printing. But if you want to get its premium features, a monthly subscription plan is available for £7.95.


When choosing the best passport size photo maker online tool, there are several points to consider.  You can opt for a free photo passport generator or a paid version, depending on your needs. However, just because an online tool claims to be a premium one with a subscription plan doesn’t mean it’s the best. There are also plenty of free versions that can seamlessly accommodate your needs.

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