Looking for VAPT Service in Kolkata? Things to consider

The rising cases of cyber attacks are becoming one of the major concerns for organizations that wish to increase the security and privacy of their network and important data. To curb the attacks, penetration testing is being adopted by various businesses and individuals to make their organizations resilient to cyber-attacks. VAPT testing is often regarded as the best combination for a vulnerability assessment in cyberspace. VAPT stands for Vulnerability and Assessment and Penetration Testing. In simple terms, VAPT is defined as the process to know the security risk or vulnerabilities in a system network.


Features and Benefits of VAPT


The vulnerability assessment process sheds light on all the vulnerabilities present in the network. The assessment alerts the organization regarding the existing flaws that are present in the ecosystem, while penetration testing reveals the vulnerabilities in a web or system where cyberattacks might be possible and crucial data can be compromised. Both tests are done by certified and experienced individuals. With the help of VAPT, you can get a comprehensive knowledge of the flaws along with the potential risk.


VAPT Service in Kolkata


There are various VAPT service providers available in India. If you are looking for a trusted VAPT service provider in the Kolkata region, you must consider some points before initiating the test. Some of the points to consider before choosing the service provider is listed below:



  • Cost Efficient: The VAPT service provider must offer cost-efficient testing that fits your budget. Since both the tests require extensive work, you must lookout for the best and most affordable service providers active in the region.


  • Experienced and Dedicated Team: The VAPT service provider must have a qualified and experienced team for the complete assessment. All the members must be certified by global standards and council bars.


  • Manual Testing: The service provider must rely on manual testing rather than automated tools to increase the efficiency of risk and find logical business vulnerabilities


  • Detailed Reports: Your VAPT service provider must offer detailed and insightful reports with a summary of the entire testing


  • Data Security: The VAPT vendor must ensure that all the data of the organization is completely safe and breach of data does not happen in the assessment process.


IEMLabs is a certified company that provides efficient VAPT service to organizations and individuals. Over the years, IEMLabs have created an extensive reputation in the VAPT space by offering services to big names of the industry. To know more about the VAPT service, reach out to the official website.


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