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Liquid Detected In Lightning Connector iPhone Fix

Hello, my wonderful readers! The Liquid Detected in Lightning Connector alert indicates that liquid has been found in the Lightning port, on the Lightning cable, or on a Lightning accessory by your iPhone. Chargers and accessories cannot be connected until the Lightning port and the accessory are dry to protect your iPhone and them. In this blog, we will talk extensively about the Liquid Detected in lightning Connector problem on the iPhone and how to solve it!

Charge your iPhone while the Lightning port is wet

Imagine using a wet Lightning port to charge an iPhone. In that situation, the Lightning port or cable pins may corrode and suffer long-term harm or stop working, affecting your iPhone’s or accessory’s connectivity.

Even though you shouldn’t charge your iPhone when wet, you might be in an emergency. In an emergency, you can disable the liquid detection and continue charging your iPhone by reconnecting it to a Lightning cable or other accessory. Your iPhone can still be charged using a wireless charger if you have one. Ensure your iPhone’s back is dry before placing it on your Qi-certified charger for best results.

What To Do For an Emergency Charge

Your iPhone’s Liquid Detected message is an alert to prevent a potential catastrophe. You have the choice between Dismiss and Emergency Override. The warning message will be deleted from your screen, and your device won’t charge again until it is dry if you choose to Dismiss it. Always choose “Dismiss” as it is the less risky option. Nevertheless, you can use the “Emergency Override” option to enable regular iPhone charging if you’re certain a bug is to blame for the pop-up or the charging port is completely dry. Using the Emergency Override option, you can charge your phone without worrying about water damage.

Drying your iPhone or Lightning accessory

Disconnect all cables and accessories. Wait until they are completely dry before plugging them back in.

  • Dry your iPhone by gently tapping it against your hand while the Lightning connector is pointed downward to wring out any excess liquid. Place your iPhone in a dry location with air circulation. 
  • Try using a Lightning cable to charge after at least 30 minutes, or connect a Lightning accessory.
  • The liquid in the Lightning port or between the pins of your Lightning cable is still present if you see the alert again. You can leave your iPhone in an airy, dry place for up to a day. Throughout this time, you can recharge or re-connect a Lightning accessory. The drying process could take up to 24 hours.

Here are some things to avoid doing:

  • Never use compressed air or an external heat source to dry your iPhone.
  • The Lightning connector should not be inserted with an unnatural object like a cotton swab or paper towel.
  • Refrain from storing your iPhone in a rice bag. Inadvertent damage to your iPhone from rice crumbs could result from doing so.

Liquid Detected In Lightning Connector when iPhone is dry

The situation is especially frustrating if your iPhone is completely dry and you need to charge it immediately. Let’s examine the steps to remove the “Liquid Detected” alert and recharge your iPhone.

Dry the Lightning Connector

It’s safer to start with the supposition that the “Liquid Detected” alert is accurate, even if you’re holding a dry iPhone. Remember that while iPhones are water-resistant, they are not waterproof. Additionally, not all iPhone models are water-resistant.

In light of this, water likely entered the charging port if you recently dropped your iPhone into water or went swimming with it. You can fix this by drying your device’s charging port. Consider getting a waterproof iPhone case that completely encloses your device if you want to bring your iPhone to the pool or a water sports event.

Troubleshoot the Lightning Cable

The Lightning cable must be removed from the charging port and reinserted because the accessory might not have been correctly identified. Try using a different Lightning cable if that doesn’t work. You’ll know the problem was with the cable, not your iPhone if the alert only appears when you use a specific cable.

There are many inexpensive, fake Apple cables available. The best way to avoid compatibility problems and potential damage to your iPhone is only to buy official or MFi-certified (MFi stands for Made for iPhone) accessories.

Clean Your iPhone’s Lightning Port

Charge problems on your iPhone could result from debris lodged in the Lightning port. Try gently cleaning the charging port on your iPhone with the SIM-eject tool to see if the “Liquid Detected” message disappears.

You shouldn’t use compressed air or spray cleaning solutions directly onto your iPhone when cleaning it.

Restart Your iPhone

The iPhone can be soft reset as the next remedy. The procedure is also known as a force restart. It’s worthwhile to try restarting to remove the “Liquid Detected” alert because it usually works to resolve minor technical issues with any device.

Update Your iPhone

The best course of action is, if you haven’t already, to update your iPhone to the newest iOS. Updates to iOS include performance enhancements and bug fixes, which could prevent obtrusive warnings like this one from appearing.

To see if an update is available, navigate to Settings > General > Software Update on your iPhone.


All Apple iPhones, including the iPhone 7, have respectable water, splash, and dust resistance. Apple advises against using your iPhone close to liquids despite the ratings. On the other hand, sometimes we must use our iPhone in the water or wet it by accident. A warning stating “Liquid Detected in Lightning Connector” will appear if water is found in your iPhone’s lightning connector. If you receive this alert, don’t become alarmed. Your iPhone only needs to be dried before you can use it again. 

This blog explained what the message “Liquid Detected in Lightning Connector” on iPhones meant. We also understood how to deal with this message!

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