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Link Building for E-Commerce: How to Boost Your Brand’s Visibility

There is one thing that defines the eCommerce space, and that is the amount of competition in it. Statistics show that 64% of small businesses have a website, and of course, the number is higher for larger brands. Indeed, even those with physical locations use the digital space as well.

Projections as of 2040 show that 95% of purchases will be made via eCommerce platforms. So, what does this mean for you as an eCommerce owner? Well, the most obvious is that you must find a way to break through the clutter. How do you get customers to your site and not the competitors’? For any brand or business, profitability is all about conversions, or, in retail speak, closing the deal.

In the eCommerce space, this is no different. Getting potential clients to notice you so that you can engage them is the goal. What you may need to know is that you have a powerful tool in your arsenal in the form of quality link building.

Our article goes into an exploration of link building for eCommerce. We will also share tactics that will help boost your brand’s visibility. But first, let’s define link building.

What Is Link Building?

Link building involves having your website referenced by an external source. To put it simply, it is having your website linked on another. So, every time online visitors click on the hyperlink, it brings them back to yours.

Link building sounds pretty simple, right? Well, the shocking and truthful answer is that it is not. You will need link-building services if you do not have in-house expertise, on top of the continuous research that you would need to do as a business owner.

Outsourcing link building to experts:-

  • Removes the hassle of the process and helps ensure you get ROI for your efforts.
  • Whitehat link building services will help avoid breaking Google Webmaster guidelines on link building. Black hat link building tactics can result in harsh penalties. This will have a direct impact on your Google rankings.
  • The link building agency has the necessary tools and resources to handle the work.

Advantages of an Effective Link Building Strategy for eCommerce

Traffic Increase to Your Website

A link from a reputable site tells everyone your site is trustworthy and legit. It is the ultimate endorsement.

Industry Credibility

Quality link building is a sign of credibility. Remember that high-authority websites will not jeopardize their reputation by linking to a low-authority site.

Better Rankings on Search Engines

More people visiting your site via links indicates to search engines that you are trustworthy. Further, it shows your content is relevant to the target audiences. This will have a direct impact on your search engine rankings.

Better Brand Visibility for your eCommerce Platform

If SEO is the star player in the eCommerce game, brand recognition and visibility are the trophies. Organic link building is more effective at increasing your online visibility. The net result of a good number of reputable sources linking back to your website is that you become more visible.

Brand exposure and backlink services have a direct link and relationship. By building links, a marketer can expose their brand to target audiences and beyond. Links create a buzz and a positive vibe about a website. We all know what some good publicity can do for a brand.

Stand Out From the Crowd

Organic link building shows you are an industry leader and expert in your niche. It can be an effective way to set yourself apart from competitors.

Ecommerce Link Building Strategies to Boost Brand Visibility

Let’s look at some effective eCommerce quality link building strategies for increasing brand visibility.

1.    Consider Hiring a Link Building Agency

We already touched on this, but allow us to reiterate the point. As stated above, link building can be quite difficult. 41% of brands agree that this is one of the most challenging aspects of search engine optimization.

So, if you want to boost your brand’s visibility through organic link building, consider it an investment in our marketing efforts to outsource link building.

2.    Guest Blogging as a Quality Link Building Strategy

Consider incorporating guest blogging into your quality link building strategy. But it is much more than just contributing articles to other sites for publication.

The first step is to research the target audiences. Do they resonate with your brand and what you have to offer? Niche relevance is a key factor when thinking about guest blogging. What is, for example, the point of a breastfeeding article on a website that deals with tech-related stuff?

Also, make the content interactive and engaging. An effective way to do this is by incorporating a quiz maker, which can help to capture your audience’s attention and encourage active participation. But beyond that, ensure it is relevant, provides a solution, is factual, and is well-researched. Also, don’t be afraid to give your opinions as long as you can back them up with facts. Your aim should be to position yourself as an authority on the subject matter.

3.    Create Shareable Assets

Think about the typical online user. There is a lot of information coming at them from all corners. It all comes down to the most interesting and engaging content winning the attention race. So, consider using shareable assets in your link building strategy.

Remember, online audiences love to share interesting, insightful, and engaging content. The same applies to the linking website.

A good example of shareable assets is Infographics. Breaking down complex concepts into easy-to-digest information will work well in your favor. Also, refer to our point above on well-researched factual information. That is a fantastic way to increase domain authority and boost the chances of getting backlinks.

Other shareable assets include surveys or polls. Make sure you present the findings in an informative and easy-to-understand manner. Other sites will be more welcoming to linking to new information based on your research findings that can benefit their audiences in some way.

4.    Go After Competitor Links

Sometimes the most effective solution is right in front of your face. Indeed, the same applies to quality link building. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Rather, all you need to do is perfect what already exists.

So, put on your Sherlock Holmes hat for a little sleuthing. Yes, you are about to see what organic link building strategies your competitors are using. This step is pretty simple, thanks to tools like Ahrefs or other link checkers. Take note of the links, linking sites, and linking tactics your competitors use.

Let’s say your competitor has a link in high demand or a territory like Forbes. Check the article and write a better one. Refer to our tip on shareable assets and well-researched articles. Now, reach out to Forbes and pitch your idea for a guest post and the inclusion of your link. After you conduct your outreach, ensure you have proper link building outreach management.

We will not lie and say replicating competitors’ links is easy. So let a link building agency or link building consultant do the work for you.

5.    Build Mutually Beneficial Partnerships

As an eCommerce owner, you may know the benefits of partnerships. And that extends to your organic link building efforts as well. The right people placing your link on their site will get you traffic and visibility. So, you can try forming the following partnerships.

  • Reach out to bloggers and influencers for links. This is an effective organic link building The immediate advantage of such people is they already have a huge following. It allows you to tap into their existing audiences to generate traffic to your website. Don’t forget the importance of niche relevance. An influencer targeting moms would work for an e-commerce site selling baby products.
  • Media partnerships are also great for creating quality link building. Contributing editorial content or joining platforms like HARO (Help a Reporter Out) is a good first step. Take time to nurture relationships with the media to become a go-to source of information. Many will have no problem including a link if they cite you as a source.
  • Take advantage of your networks for links. Please don’t be shy about asking family, friends, business partners, and more for links on their sites.
  • Having an active role in local events is also great for eCommerce link building. It could be in the form of sponsorships or hosting opportunities. In return, ask for links to any sites or promotional material.

6.    Don’t Dismiss Non-Competing Sites

No, we are not about to contradict ourselves here. Yes, we have severally mentioned the relevance of niches. But non-competing sites can give you some great backlinks. The trick is not to stray too far outside of your niche.

So let’s say you are in the baby products business. You can expand your linking site to include those selling bridal products. With the typical natural progression, that bride-to-be may become a parent someday.

Please take time to analyze the sites you can approach. You must also have a pretty convincing pitch for why they should link back to you.

Final Thoughts

The eCommerce industry has created a plethora of new business opportunities. But, as you know, other brands are also operating in the digital space. That is why finding a way to break through the online clutter has become critical.

Quality link building is the brand visibility tactic you need. Correct implementation of the different strategies will boost your brand-building efforts. We have shared some effective and practical strategies above.

We end this article by reiterating a point we have made several times. Please outsource link building to the experts for the best results. This is especially critical if you do not have in-house expertise.

IEMLabs is an ISO 27001:2013 and ISO 9001:2015 certified company, we are also a proud member of EC Council, NASSCOM, Data Security Council of India (DSCI), Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC), U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and Confederation of Indian Industry (CII). The company was established in 2016 with a vision in mind to provide Cyber Security to the digital world and make them Hack Proof. The question is why are we suddenly talking about Cyber Security and all this stuff? With the development of technology, more and more companies are shifting their business to Digital World which is resulting in the increase in Cyber Crimes.


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