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Learn Automation Testing Online – No code testing via Opkey Recorder?

Opkey Recorder

Are you spending a lot of time creating and maintaining test cases? Is your testing framework costing you a fortune and taking away productive hours?

Opkey has an integrated recorder utility that will solve these problems and help you create automated, reliable, and reusable test cases.

What is Opkey recorder?

Opkey recorder is a smart testing tool that can perform record and playback actions. The best part of the Opkey recorder is that you can use it even if you have no coding knowledge. If you are a beginner in the automation testing arena, you can create your first test case using the recorder. All you have to do is to install the Opkey recorder and start recording the activities that you are performing on your application.

You can automate all kinds of applications using the Opkey recorder. These applications include web, mobile, desktop, mainframe, and various ERPs and technologies. Opkey has specific orders for ERPs like Salesforce, Oracle, SAP, Workday, etc. To use the recorder for your preferred ERP application you just have to click the specific recorder icon.

Opkey recorder is suitable for everybody be it a business user, QA team member, or developer. If you are a business user you can fix software bugs with much less effort, if you belong to the QA team you can ensure optimum customer satisfaction and if you are a developer you can automate repetitive tasks with the recorder.

Opkey University is the best website to learn automation testing. Here, you can gain in-depth knowledge of the Opkey recorder.

Understanding more about recorders:

Let’s talk about the most used recorders of Opkey, such as – The smart recorder and chrome add-on recorder. The smart recorder will help you create automated test cases on desktops and browsers that do not support chrome, such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, etc. Opkey chrome add-on or Chrome recorder will help you to create test cases for chrome-based browsers. You can also create automated test cases for ERP applications using the Opkey on Chrome recorder.

Need for a recorder?

ERP software evolves fast with regular updates, therefore testing ERPs is necessary to maintain software quality. You can learn ERP testing to create and execute test cases with the click of a button.

Most user actions in ERP testing are repetitive, for example if there is a software update, you must check the login functionality of the website to ensure that it has not been affected by the upgrade. For this, you write the username, and password and click the submit button. In absence of a recorder you have to write codes for every step, which is a time-consuming process. To speed up the testing it is necessary to automate these actions.

A recorder is a cost-effective tool as you can create test cases by simply recording the actions. To learn how to use a recorder, join Opkey university.

How does the Opkey recorder work?

The Opkey Recorder captures object properties and data of the application that you are testing. These objects may include edit boxes, text boxes, tables, etc. The object properties captured by the recorder are Name, Xpath, CSS, Tag, and others.

Opkey has the Spy feature in the web recorder that captures object properties and saves those in the object repository. The Spy recorder also displays the Xpath information of the object.

The Opkey recorder integrates with the application under test and captures object properties. When you execute a test case with the Opkey recorder, the utility plugin helps to locate the object properties like name, ID, Xpath, and CSS. When you execute the test case, these object properties gets converted into runnable codes on the execution screen. After the execution is complete, you can check the result. By analyzing the test case result, you will understand whether the software functionality is working as required.

Creating test cases using Opkey recorder is a three-step process:

  • Sign in to Opkey.
  • Click & select the recorder ( like web/ mobile/ desktop/ERP).
  • Now start the recording session.

This is how you create a test case easily using the Opkey recorder. Once you complete the automation testing course you will learn about the Opkey recorder in detail.

Opkey recorder – The trusted automation testing tool

The Opkey recorder will meet your automation testing goals with just a few clicks. A quick recap of the benefits of using the recorder

  1. Creates test cases easily
  2. Built-in record and playback options
  3. No programming skills required
  4. Small learning curve for users.
  5. Multi-browser, multiple technologies, and ERP support
  6. Reusable test scripts

Get started with test automation University Certification to know more about Opkey Recorder. Sign up with Opkey University today at and get an extensive online learning experience in codeless automation testing.

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