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Kit Hunter: — For Dedicated And Semi-Dedicated Hosting, a Basic Phishing Kit Scanner


By default, the script generates a report that lists the files that were identified as possibly problematic, lists the markers that identified them as problematic (a.k.a. tags), and then shows the specific line of code where the detection occurred. provides comprehensive installation and usage instructions.


Python3 kit hunter -h python3 kit hunter -h python3 kit hunter -h

Scanning by default

To run a thorough scan with the default parameters, follow these steps: kit hunter (python3)

Scanning quickly

To do a rapid scan using the bare minimum of detection rules: kit hunter -q python3

Scan made to order

python3 kit hunter -c python3 kit hunter -c python3 kit hunter -c python

When using the -c flag, a tag file must be placed in the same directory as Kit Hunter. This file can have whatever name you desire, but the extension must be.tag. Please keep in mind that formatting is crucial. There should be no whitespaces and only one item per line. If you need more examples, check through the other tag files.

Scanning based on the directory

Kit hunter may be run from anywhere and uses the -d switch to pick a directory to scan:


kit hunter -d /path/to/directory python3

It is, however, easier if kit hunter is placed first.

Disclaimer: The intended use for the tool is strictly educational and should not be used for any other purpose.

Download :



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