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It’s all about Understanding an Air Conditioning System

An Air conditioner System or A/C is a common cooling appliance. The appliance helps in cooling the environment and makes it desirable. The system has become very common ad it can be found in offices, schools, colleges, etc. Even religious places have an air conditioner system. In other words, Air conditioner is a very common appliance that is available both in domestic and commercial environments. An air conditioner system is also known as an aircon, AC, or A/C. The system distributes air in an enclosed space which is usually a building or car. Read further to know more.

What is an air conditioner System?

An air conditioning device is an electrical device that is installed for removing moisture and heat in closed interior spaces. The process of air conditioning is to make the environment desirable for humans and other animals.

An air conditioner system has several uses, but they are mostly installed in places where heated electronic devices, such as computer servers and power amplifiers among others, are available. They are also used in spaces where artworks are stored, with the help of an air conditioner filter, to maintain optimal conditions.

Components of an Air conditioning system:

After getting an insight into what is an air conditioner system, let’s dig deeper to know more. There are several parts of an air conditioner. They are:

Condenser Coil:

The condenser coil in an ac contains a fan that cools the high-pressure gas and converts it into a liquid. The condenser and Compressed coil are placed together outside the house. The product that is gained when the compressor coil cools the high-pressure gas is used by the evaporator to do the work.


The thermostat is a part of an ac and is used in maintaining the temperature of an air conditioning system by regulating the heat inside and outside. The thermostat can be set manually or automatically depending on the design of the air conditioner system.


The engine of the air conditioner system is the compressor. It works with the help of a fluid that easily converts the gas into a liquid. The primary function of a compressor is to transform low-pressure gas into high-pressure gas which has a high temperature. While working the gap between the molecules gets narrowed down producing an energized gas. This energized gas is also known as a refrigerant and it is released from the compressor and enters the condenser coil. This is how a compressor works in an air conditioner system.

Air Handler and Blowing Unit:

This part of an ac unit that works together to draw air into the evaporator and distributes the cool air in a room. The passage of airflow in the room is facilitated by a duct passage.


The evaporator is a part of an air conditioner that is found in the house near the furnace. An evaporator is connected to the condenser with an extremely thin pipe. The high-pressure gas is converted into a low-pressure liquid of the air conditioner. The liquid is then converted into a gas because of the decreasing temperature. The refrigerant or the fluid takes the heat off and cools it down. The evaporator again releases the fluid in the form of gas and gets compressed once again with the aid of the compressor. This working of an evaporator takes place in a cycle.

Air Conditioner Diagram

Functions of an Air Conditioning System:

An air conditioner system has several functions but there are some important ones. Let’s have a look at them:

  • The first and foremost function of an air conditioner system is that it affects the room air by creating a comfortable environment without hampering productivity.
  • There is also special type of air conditioner system that cools the temperature of electric devices.
  • Air conditioning is characterized by temperature, pressure, and humidity. The air conditioning system does not affect the air pressure. It remains unchanged.
  • Air Conditioners System also controls the humidity of the room. The permitted limit is 30% to 65%
  • and the temperature should be between 20 to 26 degree Celsius.
  • For dehumidifying, heating, and cooling, heating can also be done with an air conditioner system.

Classification of Air Conditioner system:

There are classifications of an air conditioners system and they are:

Classification based on the season:

A Winter air conditioner is designed for giving comfort in the winter.

A summer air conditioner is capable of controlling four atmospheric conditions.

A year-round air conditioner contains all the heating and cooling tools and has an automatic control that can serve in any weather condition of the year.

Classification based on major function:

In malls, supermarkets, etc, the kind of air conditioning that is there is called Commercial air conditioning.

In industries, processing, laboratories, etc, the kind of air conditioning that is present is called Industrial air conditioning.

The kind of air conditioner system that is present in offices, homes, hotels, etc is called comfort air conditioning.

Types of air conditioning systems:

Various types of air conditioning systems are available in the market. They are:

Ductless, Mini-Split Air Conditioner system:

These are the common type of air conditioner system and it is modified with new parts. Effective in cooling an individual room as the system has four indoor handling units. They are like central conditioning air conditioners where the system has an indoor handling unit and an outdoor compressor/condenser.

Portable air conditioner:

This is the type of air conditioner system that is specified as the next-generation window unit cooling system. It works by taking air from the room and cooling it down then sending it back into the room. It is also capable of venting the warm air from outside by an exhaust hose that is installed in the window. They are versatile, affordable, and easy to install.

Hybrid air conditioners:

This is a type of air conditioner that is a heat pump system and they are powered by either burning fossil fuel or by using electricity. This system ac works in the summer by pulling heat from indoors and distributing it outdoors. The working principle of this type of air conditioner reverses in winter as it pulls heat from outside to discharge in the house.

Central Air conditioning:

It is the common type of air conditioning system that is found in large homes. Due to its efficient cooling, it is in popular use. The system ac works by circulating cool air through supply and return ducts.

Geothermal heating and cooling:

It is well known that geothermal energy is energy sufficient, sustainable long-lasting source of energy. The system works by a geothermal coil that is installed in the ground and the geothermal energy works by extracting heat from the ground and sending it back into the house. The system follows this principle in its work.


An air conditioner system is a necessary electrical device that is widely used today and the article covered almost everything including the air conditioner parts and functions that you need to know about an air conditioner. Hope you enjoyed reading the article.

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