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IPL 2024: Champions, Award Winners, and Highlights Recap 

The BCCI, which is the central cricketing board in India, revolutionized cricket in India with the introduction of the Indian Premier League (IPL). The latest version IPL 2024 was also a huge success and garnered a large number of viewers from around the world.

The 2024 ipl witnessed the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) take home their third IPL trophy. IPL 2024 was full of thrillers, adventures, and new high scores being established. Ipl season 2024 is currently the most expensive cricketing tournament. The Indian Premier League which is now also known as the Tata IPL, is held usually over the summer months. 

If one looks at the ipl match list 2024, you will understand that there were a total of seventy-four matches. From the day IPL 2024 commenced till the day of the final, the entire country was filled with joy and celebration. 

Franchise cricket like IPL was instrumental in bringing back the attention of the entire country to cricket, as the younger citizens were getting bored watching the longer formats of the game. IPL 2024, like all the other seasons, was marked by advertisement and a lot of promotion. 

A cricketing tournament like this allows the younger generation of players in India to come forth and showcase their talents. The game also allows the foreign players to play in India, thus giving both them and the other Indian players a great deal of exposure. 

Which team won ipl 2024?

After a long ipl match list in 2024, the two finalists, Sunrisers Hyderabad, and Kolkata Knight Riders, reached the final. A lot of people regarded this as the most one-sided 2024 ipl match. The mighty Kolkata Knight Riders were able to demolish the entire Hyderabad team within 18.3 overs.

Sunrisers Hyderabad, captained by Australian captain Pat Cummins, were unfortunately not able to rise to the occasion and stand as a solid force in competition against the KKR. The Sunrisers Hyderabad were declared out in the first innings after scoring a meager one hundred and thirteen runs. The Kolkata Knight Riders very seamlessly and effortlessly produced the required runs in the next innings and were declared the ipl 2024 winner. 

The Kolkata Knight Riders, a franchise owned by Shah Rukh Khan and Juhi Chawla, deserved to be the ipl 2024 winner as they were consistent with their game throughout the season. In this IPL 2024, even though the team faltered in the first few games, they were back on their feet very soon. The current ipl winner, 2024 has proved to be remarkable in all departments, whether it be bowling, batting, or fielding. 

Ipl 2024 All Team – A List of All the Teams That Were Playing With Their Captain!

This IPL 2024 was the 17th edition of the prolific Indian Premier League. The 2024 ipl list shows that the games were held from March 22 to May 26. IPL 2024, like all other years, witnessed a significant amount of conversation and attention. 

Ipl 2024 all teams are named after the states of India. Each team would require the leadership and acumen of a good captain, who will lead the team to the final. A good captain is strategizing with his team members in different ways on how to take the team towards victory. The captains, who are also guided with the coaches of the team, strategize and plan before every game that ultimately leads them to success. 

Chennai Super Kings

The captain of the Chennai Super Kings in IPL 2024 was Rituraj Gaikwad. One of the strongest contenders in IPL, Chennai Super Kings was led by Mahendra Singh Dhoni since its inception. Dhoni had steered the team to several successful games and also ensured that the team came home with five IPL titles.

In this IPL 2024, Mahendra Singh Dhoni decided to step down from his captaincy. The baton was passed on to the young Rituraj Gaikwad who had had an impressive IPL career so far. His remarkable talents have been observed not just in IPL but also in several domestic and international matches as well, where he represented India.

Sunrisers Hyderabad

The captain for Sunrisers Hyderabad for IPL 2024 was Pat Cummins. Hyderabad had been successfully captained by the clear and cool-headed Kane Williamson for a very long time. Pat Cummins, who is also the captain of Australia, brings a much required aggression to the side. He was instrumental in taking his team to the finals this year.

Rajasthan Royals

This team was led by Sanju Samson in IPL 2024. Sanju Samson had held the captaincy last year as well. He has re-modelled the team and ensured that Rajasthan Royals reached the Semi-Finals this year. Samson not only provided the team with words of wisdom and guidance but also ensured that he contributed to the team by scoring a good number of runs.

Gujarat Titans

After Hardik Pandya relinquished the team, the most promising player of Gujarat Titans, Subhman Gill was named the captain for IPL 2024. Although the Gujarat Titans did not have a successful season, the leadership qualities that were showcased by Subhman Gill will certainly make a big impact in the coming seasons.

Kolkata Knight Riders

The champions of the IPL 2024 were led by Shreyas Iyer, who is himself an extremely accomplished and successful batsman. He has been the captain of the team for quite a few seasons now and provided the team with the right balance of sincerity and fun.

Royal Challenger Bangalore

Ever since Virat Kohli stepped down from captaincy, Faf Du Plessis has been leading this franchise. His leadership has been instrumental in shaping the team’s strength and guiding them towards success. He was able to take his team till the semi-finals this time.

IPL 2024: All The Winners This Time!

Orange Cap Winner

The orange cap winner for IPL 2024 was Virat Kohli. The orange cap is generally given to the one who holds the most number of runs in that given season. For IPL 2024, Virat Kohli, who plays for the Royal Challengers Bangalore, was the recipient of this award. He has had an extremely successful season and ensured that he chased the runs and brought glory to his team.

Purple Cap Winner

The purple cap winner for IPL 2024 was Harshal Patel. He plays for the Punjab Kings. The purple cap is given to the player who is able to take the highest number of wickets. Harshal Patel was successful in taking twenty-four wickets within only fourteen matches. This made him an extremely important player for the Punjab Kings.

Emerging Player of the Season

This award was given to Nitish Kumar Reddy of Sunrisers Hyderabad for IPL 2024. He scored a massive 303 runs this season. The emerging player award is given to youngsters so that they get motivation and encouragement to play even better cricket in the future.

Power Player of the Season

This award is given to the individual who has contributed the most by playing magnificently when the power play is going on during the match. For IPL 2024, this award was given to Travis, Head of Sunrisers Hyderabad. He showcased a great deal of valor on the field by hitting the boundary sixty-four times this season.

Most Valuable Player in IPL 2024

The most valuable player of this season was Sunil Narine belonging to Kolkata Knight Riders. This award is given to the player who contributes the most to the team whether it be through batting, bowling or fielding. Sunil Narine had put up a class act during the entire season this time and was instrumental in taking Kolkata Knight Riders till the final.

Fair Play Award

This award is given to the team who upholds the spirit of the game. It is extremely essential for players to not become arrogant on the field and continue playing the game with etiquette and the best spirit. Although Sunrisers Hyderabad may not have won the trophy for IPL 2024, they took home the Fair Play Award for always maintaining the spirit of the game.


IPL 2024 brought a lot of enthusiasm and fun to the cricketing world for two months. While Kolkata Knight Riders emerged as the victor this time, this season also witnessed the rise of several youngsters and the re-birth of an older generation of cricketing legends.

IPL has revolutionized the way cricket is watched in India and around the world  now. It is believed that the next season shall bring in more surprises. 

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