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Inzfy: All You Need to Know About Instagram Map Feature

Instagram is known for its various features, which are updated regularly. So as an Instagram user, you must know the new features whenever it is updated. You have to explore and scroll through the Instagram app to learn better. In recent times on the internet, you may come across posts or videos with location tags. Have you ever thought about how it is helpful? The location tags are very much beneficial to find a physical store. Sometimes, the tags redirect to another site and help you find the location. 


Although the map feature is on the other apps, Instagram has now been rolled out with an integrated map feature. With this feature, it is possible to discover businesses and locations worldwide. As a result, you might get more new followers who visit your profile. Even you may post a video by integrating the location tags. Moreover, you should buy instagram video views and build an online presence effortlessly. 


This Instagram map feature is similar to Google Maps. Let’s start with the article to learn more about the integrated Instagram Map. 


New Features and Discovery


If you are new to the Instagram app, you might need help finding the new features. The app will officially inform it on social media platforms if there are any new features. After the new features have been launched on the app, the users might get notifications that they can use them. There will be a pop-up message too. 


If you want to find the map feature, it is impossible now. It is now available in some countries like Australia and New Zealand. Soon it is expected to roll out in many countries too. It is in the testing phase only. The Instagram company selects random users and makes the features available to them. 


A Brief of Instagram Map’s Feature


With the Instagram map feature, users shall be able to search the restaurants, entertainment venues, cafes, shops, etc., Even now, it is possible to have the location on your stories. As stories appear for one day, it is possible to drive more traffic to your story using the map feature. Similar to Google maps, it will enable the Instagram map feature will also the working hours, price, place, and profile links. Even public stories with locations are also available. The users shall browse and explore specific locations with this feature. Furthermore, you should try using Inzfy and build your social strategy. 


Steps to Use Instagram Map Search Feature


  • Open the Instagram app and get to the home page. 
  • In the explore tab, click the map icon on the top right. 
  • You have to enable the location on your Instagram account, and only then will it show you the nearby places. 
  • As an Instagram user, you shall search on the search tab by typing the location. Here you might see varied categories of pictures, videos, and reels. 
  • If you want to see a larger size of the location, then you shall drag and zoom the map, or you shall click on the Instagram geotag. 


6 Different Ways to Use The Instagram Map Feature


  • Instagram users shall find a place. 
  • You can discover a new place by clicking the location tags on feeds or stories. 
  • Search the city name with the hashtag symbol. You might find different places. 
  • Browse recent stories, top posts, and guides with location tags. 
  • You shall save the locations from visiting in the future. 
  • This map feature lets you share places with your closest friends and family. 


Tips to Appear on Instagram Map Search


Increase your business visibility with the Instagram map feature. Moreover, the location feature will increase the credibility of your products and services. The location will act as social proof for businesses. So if you are a brand that wants to place your business on the map feature, then listen to the below points carefully, 


  • As a business, the first and foremost thing would be to set up your Instagram page. 
  • Next, you have to decide and set up your page category. You have to press on the edit profile and then shall choose the category. 
  • Next, you should tag your location on images and videos, even the older ones. 
  • Finally, include a location hashtag that is most relevant to your business. Only then will this help to increase the visibility of your brand? 


How to Schedule Your Location?


You shall schedule your location with simple steps. First, you have to upload the post, open the caption, and write your caption or hashtags. Now turn on schedule post, turn on ‘auto post,’ and then add location. It is so simple. Furthermore, if you want to increase your online presence, you shall try using Inzfy and reap the benefits. 


Benefits of Using Map Search


As you all know, Instagram map search benefits both individuals and businesses. Now the users shall directly search the new places on the platform. The app is now becoming more user-friendly for collecting information on companies. It would be an excellent opportunity for small companies to make their brand more visible. Some of the most valuable benefits are as follows, 


  • Make yourself appear on the map for international visitors. 
  • With location, getting discovered and gaining more traffic would be easy. 
  • You shall encourage visitors to create UGC content. You shall post the same on the app. 


Final Thoughts


This new map feature is now allowing users to explore unexplored places. It will make your brand more engaging. The map feature would provide great exposure for Instagram users and a strong connection within the app. Soon everybody would get used to the map feature. With the Instagram map feature, connecting with the local people would be great. So marketers utilize the option to the fullest and increase your business or brand. We hope the article is a complete guide on the Instagram map feature. If you find the article interesting, then you shall leave your comments below. Thanks for reading!

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