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Indigo login, Indigo credit card login, payment, customer service

You’re unique and your credit card should be too. With the Indigo login Mastercard, you can build credit while creating the life you’ve always dreamed of. You shouldn’t have to put your plans on the back burner just because you have a challenging credit history. With Indigo Mastercard login you can build credit while you go where you want, when you want. You need something that works for your lifestyle, and that’s why Indigo is just for you. Indigo lets you focus on living your best life, while building your best future.

You can even build your playlist for the future. You can shop online, in-store, and in-app with Indigo.

How to do Indigo Log in for Credit Card Account

Register your Indigo Credit Card login for online account access

Click “Register” and enter your account number, date of birth, and Social Security number to verify your credit card account.

Choose your Indigo login Credit Card username and password

The username and password cannot include spaces.

Log in with your new Indigo login Credit Card credentials

From the login page on the Genesis Financial Solutions website, fill out the Username and Password fields using your new credentials, and click “Log-in” to access your account.

After you have signed up and logged in, you’ll be able to manage your Indigo Credit Card account online. You can pay your credit card bill, see credit card statements, monitor account activity, and change account information such as passwords and automatic payments.

When you’re looking to build or establish a credit history, getting an unsecured credit card can be difficult. It’s tough to get credit without a decent credit score or history, and you can’t rebuild or establish credit without using credit and borrowing responsibly. Secured credit cards are often a good option, since finding an unsecured card that will approve a customer with a poor credit score is hard. However, the Indigo Mastercard® gives those who might not otherwise qualify for an unsecured card a much better chance at approval. Our review of the Indigo MasterCard gives you a closer look at what’s involved with owning this card.

Who should get this card?

The Indigo login MasterCard is likely best for those who have poor or fair credit scores and have not had much success being approved for other unsecured credit cards. Those with bankruptcies and other negative marks on their credit records could stand a decent chance at approval.

Though secured credit cards are generally better choices for establishing or rebuilding credit, they come with deposit requirements and your credit limit is only as high as the amount of money you deposit. If you’re not looking to front the money for your credit card before you can use it, then you should check out what the Indigo MasterCard has to offer.

Top card benefits

You could be eligible for a $0 annual fee:

The Indigo MasterCard has an annual fee, which is determined by your creditworthiness. Upon approval, you could be assigned an annual fee of $99 ($75 the first year), $59, or $0. The better your credit, the better your chances of getting a $0 fee.

Access Mastercard benefits:

The Indigo card offers a limited number of Mastercard benefits, including online identity monitoring through Mastercard ID Theft Protection, 24/7 assistance for lost/stolen cards with Mastercard Global Service, and a 15% savings on airport meet-and-greet services through Mastercard Airport Concierge.

Option to prequalify for the card:

Hard inquiries on your credit report can negatively impact your score. Indigo requires all applicants to prequalify before they will process the application. You’re asked to enter basic information, including contact info and Social Security number. You get a decision in seconds with the option to move on to a full application. The card you qualify for, annual fee, and interest rate are given to you to consider before deciding if you want to submit a complete application, which will leave a hard inquiry on your report.

Reports to three major credit bureaus:

Probably the best feature of this card is that it will report your timely payment history to all three credit bureaus: Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. This ensures that all three of your scores are affected by your use of the card. With some time, responsible spending, and on-time payments, your scores could steadily improve.

The Indigo MasterCard is decent — especially if you can qualify for the $0 annual fee — but may not always be the optimal choice for those looking to build their credit profile. Some other credit cards that can help you build credit include:

The Capital One Platinum Credit Card is a great choice for students, those looking to establish or build a credit history, or even those who may have some loan defaults or other blemishes on their credit reports. This card has a $0 annual fee and you get automatic consideration for a credit line increase in as few as six months after account opening.

Indigo Credit Card Review Highlights

Pre-qualify with a soft inquiry

The Indigo Card’s pre-qualification process allows you to see if you’re eligible for approval without actually submitting an application, which would trigger a hard credit inquiry that could temporarily reduce your credit score. Just keep in mind that prequalifying doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed approval.

Helps you (re)build credit

The Indigo Mastercard is built for people with bad credit and, like all other credit cards, reports to the major credit bureaus each month. So if you pay your bill on time and avoid maxing out your credit limit, it will help you improve your credit score. You can track your progress with WalletHub’s free daily credit score updates.

Fees vary based on creditworthiness

Depending on your creditworthiness, the Indigo Mastercard will charge an annual fee of $0, $59, or $75 the first year and $99 after. That’s a big range, so it’s understandable if you want a card with more predictable costs. And if you don’t need an emergency loan, a secured card is definitely the way to go.

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