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Importance of Physical Education: Its weightiness in schools

The importance of physical education in schools is noted by all however, it is often underestimated even after being one of the reasons behind a child’s growth. There are countless benefits of physical education. All of it is mentioned in the given blog. Starting from the need and importance of physical education to everything, this blog is filled with the utmost details.

What is Physical Education?

Physical education is defined as a form of education that involves human movement. In this form of education, many of the objectives concerning education are met. All of these are achieved by big muscle activities. This on a broad scale involves sports, games, gymnastics, dance, and exercise. Thus, by all means, it provides cognitive content and instruction that are specially designed for a child to develop his or her motor skills. Other aspects involved are knowledge and other forms of behavior linked with physical activity and physical fitness.

5 Importance of Physical Education

Physical education is an essential part of a child’s life in school. It helps keep children fit and active. Furthermore, it consists of various sports and activities. This gives students adequate time to learn about different concepts of fitness and health.

The importance of physical education has risen to a different level due to the lifestyle changes in today’s world. Plus, parents have become more aware of their children’s physical and mental health. According to reports from CDS (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) in 2017, only 26.1% of students participated in at least 60 minutes per day of physical activity on all 7 days of the week. However, this needs to be taken more seriously. By all means, the importance of physical education must be known to all. Taking measures to make people realize the importance of physical education helps the child achieve overall growth. Furthermore, success comes faster, stronger, and more effectively.

Upliftment in Academic Performance

The major importance of physical education in school is that it helps the child perform better in academics. Physical Education helps the child to keep themselves active. It provides strong help in concentration and focus in school and after. Physical activities involve a variety of sports. It also includes games that help the student to become a better learner and performer not only in academics but also in life. This is one of the vital importance of physical education in schools.

Dissolves Stress

Regular exercise and physical activity help in reducing physiological stress. When children are regularly made to play, swim, run, etc it is bound to have a positive impact on the child’s mental health. As per research by the National Library of Medicine, physical activity in school may reduce anxiety, and stress, increase resilience, improve well-being, and increase mental health in children. Hence, the importance of physical education must be known to all in schools.

Interaction Skills 

A playground is known to be of great importance to a child. It is its best friend. Taking this on an important basis, you can make your child involve himself or herself in a few hours of physical education. This will make the child aware of the importance of physical education. Apart from that, it will also leave a positive impact on a child’s overall well-being. This is because students get to know each other during this course period of physical education. This helps them improve their interaction skills and socialize. Therefore, physical education classes in school are a a great way to build team spirit, communication skills, management skills, and leadership qualities.

Building Character and Discipline

During the physical education class in school, students learn discipline. This not only helps them learn the importance of physical education but also educates them on team-building qualities and group management skills. This is because through these activities, students learn to respect other’s opinions, fair play, and team spirit. This way, the importance of physical education is highlighted boldly in a child’s life.

Helps in Mental Development

Physical education is not about physical body and shape, it is more about keeping your mental being aligned with your physical being. The importance of physical education is directly connected to one’s mental development. This is because physical exercise and tasks improve mood and boost happy hormones (dopamine). This leads us to be happy and healthy physically and mentally while thoroughly knowing the importance of physical education.

What are the Benefits for Children Participating in Physical Education?

The benefits of physical education are universal for all children. It widely even goes on to include those with disabilities. This, on a broad scale, implies that students, regardless of whether they are disabled or not, must know the importance of physical education. Some instances include the Special Olympics. This is now the largest recreational program for players with intellectual disabilities.

Also, the primary goal for increasing physical activity with children’s disabilities is to reverse deconditioning. Introducing regular physical activity is essential for the maintenance of normal adaptive behaviors and fatigue in children with autism and other developmental disabilities. By putting all of these into operation, your child and you will know the importance of physical education. Furthermore, regular physical activity can foster independence. It also develops coping abilities, competitiveness, and teamwork among children with disabilities.

Below are some benefits

Physical Improvements

A scientific study found that participation in physical activity and sports leads to improved levels of well-being and physical health. Children who have a diagnosed intellectual disability may have additional physical disabilities. This can result in below-age-level performance in typical motor skills. Regular involvement in physical education and sports can help them to develop the skills they need.

Mental Improvement in Confidence

Exposure to sports through physical education classes isn’t only good for a child’s body it’s beneficial to the mind too. Physical activity improves general mood. It also improves wellness in psychiatric patients suffering from anxiety and depressive disorders. Furthermore, introducing regular fitness links to improvements in self-esteem, social awareness, and self -confidence empowering the lives of young people with special needs.

Behavioral Improvements in Relationships and Clubs

The nature of physical education leads to cognitive improvements in children with special needs. This, on a wide scale, allows them to access skills that they could not challenge within a traditional classroom setting.

Ways to Include a Student with Special Needs in Physical Education

Below are some ways to include a student with special needs in physical education:

Sensory Integration

The first two things noticeable about physical education classes are loud music and fluorescent lights in the gym. These are major barriers to students with varied types of neurological differences. Students also display sensitivity to bright sunlight outdoors and the sound of squeaking on the floor.

This on a large scale, makes it difficult for physical education teachers to find an appropriate location for the class. The music problem is easy to solve by lowering the volume or turning it off. Soundproof headphones may also be used indoors and sunglasses can be used outdoors. Schools may find the option of changing the lighting by using cost-effective LED light bulbs or simply shutting off some lights and relying on natural lighting.


Behavior is always a concern in physical education classes. This is because every class demands plenty of movement. This can trigger incidents to occur in rapid succession.

Team Building

Physical education is the perfect opportunity for team-building exercises. Thus, instead of bringing in competitive games, the class can focus on creative games. This will help pupils know the importance of physical education.

Professional Development

Acknowledging the help of social workers and other therapists in attendance, it is possible to develop goals that fit the physical education curriculum and are tailored to a student’s unique needs. This on a large scale brings in a lot of benefits and makes students know the importance of physical education.


Hard surfaces such as concrete and asphalt may be dangerous for individuals with dyspraxia. Also, bringing in softer surfaces such as sand or wood chips makes it difficult for wheelchair students to maneuver. Thus, make sure the gym surfaces and outdoor mats make physical education more accessible


Take frequent “movement breaks” by going for a walk, learning to jump rope, or spending 10 minutes on a playground.

Develop a daily 15-minute workout routine

Get permission to use the school’s weightlifting room. This will help you start an individual exercise program.


The importance of physical education should be widely known to people. This is because it will help them bring in useful ways to uplift their child. Also, introducing physical education classes for specially disabled students is the best. This is because it helps students become more confident. Therefore, embrace the importance of physical education and start implementing it in your daily life.


Can the same physical education exercises be done with a special child?

No, You cannot do the same with a special child. However, you can bring in other alternatives which suit the child’s needs.

Will my child be able to perform well after introducing physical education classes?

Yes, This is because daily exercises will help your child not only physically but also mentally.

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