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IGopher is a Golang smart bot for automating Instagram DMs.

Powerful, adaptable, and user-friendly Instagram DM bot.

TUI and Electron.js GUI are usedusing Yaml configuration files and the Selenium webdriver. (WIP)

A new Instagram automation tool called IGopher uses Electron.js to power both its GUI (Graphical User Interface) and TUI (Terminal User Interface), which intends to make the deployment of such programmes easier and more enjoyable.



  1. Selenium webdriver engine
  2. Automatically download and install dependencies
  3. Automated connection to and message sending on Instagram
  4. Users who scrape followers from Instagram users
  5. A planner
  6. Modules for quotas and user blacklists
  7. A mimic of human writing
  8. Completely and simply customisable using TUI or Yaml files
  9. TUI (Terminal User Interface)
  10. Electron.js-based GUI (Graphical User Interface)

-> The ability to Hot Reload to apply configuration changes without having to restart!

Stop and Hot Reload are actions that can be safely carried out while the bot is idle.

Disclaimer: The intended use for the tool is strictly educational and should not be used for any other purpose.

Download Link: https://github.com/hbollon/IGopher

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