May 26, 2022
IBM Blogs | IEMLabs

In a recent report published by IBM the company informed about “a global phishing campaign” focused on organizations associated with the COVID-19 vaccine “cold chain” process. “Cold chain” is the process of keeping the vaccine doses at extremely cold temperatures (minus 70 degrees Celsius or below) while transporting them from manufacturers to people’s arms in order to prevent spoiling.

 As reported by the company, hackers have shifted their attention towards the companies associated with the distribution of Covid-19 vaccines all over the world and these companies will be the next target of the hackers. IBM’s cybersecurity unit has detected an advanced group of hackers working to gather information about different aspects of the cold chain supply process. Apart from companies associated with transportation, hackers have also targeted the companies involved in the manufacture of solar panels, which are used to power vaccine refrigerators in warm countries, and petrochemical products that could be used to derive dry ice.

 The US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency has considered the issue with utmost importance warning members of Operation Warp Speed – the US government’s national vaccine mission to look into the matter immediately and do the needful at earliest convenience.

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