I/O Riot

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It is an I/O benchmarking tool for Linux based operating systems which captures I/O operations on a (possibly production) server in order to replay the exact same I/O operations on a load test machine.

I/O Riot is operated in 5 steps:

  1. Capture: Record all I/O operations over a given period of time to a capture log.
  2. Initialize: Copy the log to a load test machine and initialize the load test environment.
  3. Replay: Drop all OS caches and replay all I/O operations.
  4. Analyze: Look at the OS and hardware stats (throughput, I/O ops, load average) from the run phase and draw conclusions. The aim is to identify possible I/O bottlenecks.
  5. Repeat: Repeat steps 2-4 multiple times but adjust OS and hardware settings in order to improve I/O performance.

Download Link:- https://github.com/mimecast/ioriot

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