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How to Use Red Light Therapy at Planet Fitness? (7 Step Process)

If you love staying fit and active, red light therapy at Planet Fitness can be an amazing addition to your fitness routine. 

This therapy will help you stay more fit and active. It can also improve your muscle tension and keep your body more relaxed. You must have a membership to access this amazing total body enhancement machine. 

Key Takeaways: Red Light Therapy At Planet Fitness

  • Planet Fitness offers Red Light Therapy through their Total Body Enhancement machine. 
  • This service, available with a Black Card membership, combines red light therapy and whole-body vibration. 
  • Users experience benefits like skin rejuvenation, muscle recovery, and improved circulation, enhancing their fitness journey with added wellness benefits.

Insights on Total Body Enhancement At Planet Fitness

Insights on Total Body Enhancement At Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness’s Total Body Enhancement is a complete combo of RLT and whole-body vibration. Most people report benefits like improved skin texture, muscle relaxation, and post-workout recovery. 

Access to this therapy requires a Black Card membership, making it one of the most convenient wellness options for gym users.

The Ultimate 7-Step Guide to Using Red Light Therapy At Planet Fitness 

The Ultimate 7-Step Guide to Using Red Light Therapy At Planet Fitness

Here’s a complete stepwise process of using RLT at Planet Fitness.

Step 1: Be Aware Of RLT’s Importance (Why Do You Need IT?)

Once you get started, it is crucial to understand the purpose of RLT in your life. 

Some of its common benefits are:

  • Boosts muscle recovery after a workout
  • Reduces inflammation and pain
  • Improves skin health
  • Enhances tissue circulation and oxygenation
  • Can improve mood and elevate energy

Step 2: Get a Black Card Membership (Only Available In Premium)

Not all Planet Fitness locations have Red Light Therapy. Even if they do, you will need a Black Card membership to access the Total Body Enhancement machine. This includes RLT, so be sure your membership level permits access to that facility.

Step 3: Know the Machine

When at the fitness club, find the Total Body Enhancement machine. It’s normally in a specific area for that machine and other wellness and recovery equipment. If you are not sure, ask a staff member for guidance.

Spend a few minutes getting to know the machine. This way, you’ll get better insights into how it can help you. Plus, know how the machine is operated and how you can use it for the most efficiency!

Watch this tutorial for a better understanding!

Planet Fitness Total Body Enhancement Machine (HOW TO USE – FULL TUTORIAL!)

Step 4: Get Prepared for Your Session

Your preparations before the session will let you know how effective the session has turned out for you! 

Here’s what you may do: 

  • Wear minimal clothing so that most of your skin is exposed to the red light. 
  • Ensure your skin is clean and free of lotions or oils that might block the red light.
  • Drink enough water before the session to keep yourself hydrated.

Set the Machine to Your Preferences

Once you are all ready, step into the machine and close the door. The control panel in the machine will allow you to set your preferences.

  • Time: Sessions typically last around 12 minutes. Start with shorter sessions if you’re new to RLT and gradually increase the duration as you get comfortable.

  • Intensity: The strength of the vibrations can be adjusted. Begin with a lower setting, gradually increasing once the sensation is familiar and comfortable.

Step 5: Proceed With Your Session

Press the start button to begin your session. Stand comfortably on the vibrating plate, ensuring your posture is stable. 

The machine will begin to emit red light, which should feel warm and comforting. Moreover, the vibrations will enhance the experience by stimulating your muscles and circulation.

Step 6: Prepare For A Bump

Once your session is over, the machine will automatically shut down. Make sure you get out of the machine with care, as the vibrations can make you a bit wobbly for a second.

Step 7: Post-Session Care

After-session care is necessary, so here’s what you can do: 

  • Drink enough water to help your body regain the water content after the sweating.
  • Apply a gentle moisturizer if you have sensitive skin.
  • Pay attention to how you feel:
  • Do you feel that your muscles are less tense? 
  • Do you feel revitalized?

Note all these responses so you can alter your next sessions for maximum effectiveness.

Experts’ Tip: For best results, one should use Red Light Therapy frequently. The best frequency seems to be two to three times a week. However, listen to your body; if you have any concerns or issues, please take advice from a professional.

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4 Side Effects Linked With These Sessions 

Although RLT is considered, in general, safe, some may experience certain side effects. 

Here are the four possible side effects:

  1. Sensitive skin may react with temporary redness or irritation.
  2. Some people can suffer from a headache due to the light.
  3. Vibrations from the Total Body Enhancement machine may cause users to experience dizziness.
  4. Puking sensations may also be experienced by certain users. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Do You Wear Clothes During Red Light Therapy?

Yes, you can wear clothes during a red light therapy session, but for better results, it is recommended that you expose as much of your skin to the light.

How Do You Use Red Light Therapy At The Gym?

The first step is to find the Total Body Enhancement machine in your gym. Once in the machine, set the time and intensity and turn on the red light function. Start the session and take the session for 10 to 15 minutes.

Can I Bring My Phone To Red Light Therapy?

It is recommended that you should not bring your phone during a red light therapy session, as the intense light and vibrations may harm your device and even distract you.

What Not To Do After Red Light Therapy?

Here are some don’ts after RLT sessions: 

  • No Sunbathing
  • No thick lotions or creams immediately after the session.
  • You need to drink water, but after that, avoid taking alcohol or caffeine.
  • Stick to the proper frequency in order not to overexpose your skin.
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