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How to use Login

The Nepali stock market has advanced significantly in recent years. Investors will not need to stand in line for hours to buy their shares and won’t need to stand in line again to get their money back. Similarly, the certificate of bonus and right and cash dividend can obtain without visiting the share registrar.

You need to pay Rs. 50 a year for all these amenities. You may perform these tasks from home by signing up as a Mero Share customer. Generate your email address and your deposit account’s beneficiary number to use the Mero Share service.

Software called “Mero share” was created by CDS & Clearing Limited (CDSC). The recipient of Mero Share has the option to see the share transaction details in your account online.

Visit the Mero Share login page here – login.

Benefits of login:

The following advantages are available to users of Mero Share:

  • Viewing the beneficiary account holder’s personal information,
  • Examine the stock information in your account.
  • Information about the stock’s actual worth in your account based on market value, i.e., view the portfolio
  • View the specifics of your account’s transactions.
  • Examine the information on the shares that are being used as collateral in your account.
  • To submit an online application to buy shares in an initial public offering (IPO/FPO) or right issue.
  • To add a bank account to the beneficiary account or to ask a DP to modify the bank account that was entered improperly.
  • Go to the most helpful MY EDIS page to quickly transfer the shares you have sold.
  • To check the company’s IPO results for which you made an application.

How to use Mero Share Software:

  • Customers who wish to benefit from Mero Share should fill out the Mero Share Form and visit their Depository Participants (DP).
  • On request from the consumer, the Depository Participants (DP) open each customer’s login account. The concerned customer’s email address will be emailed information on their DP ID, login ID, password, and address to use Mero Share.
  • You may use Mero Share by either accessing the website login into your web browser, or by clicking the link provided with the account details you received in your email.

How To Login into Mero

Follow the steps below to need to log into Mero Share:

  • Launch Firefox or Chrome on your computer, type in the address bar and hit Enter. Visit log in for login to Mero share CDSC.
  • To log in, select your account’s depository participants (DP) from the drop-down option labeled “Select Your DP.”
  • To enter the Login ID, type the last four digits of your beneficiary account number, following the zeros.

For example, if your beneficiary account number is 13010200000093812 while the last eight digits are 00093812, use the number 93812 as your login ID.

  • Type the password you received in your email and press the login button.

Here, your Mero share cdsc account dashboard will be shown. You can check your account balance, change your personal information, and more from this section. Shareholders also can keep track of their assets and ensure that their personal information is up to date by signing into their accounts.

How To Change Login Credentials:

The steps listed below can be used to change your Mero Share account’s password at any time:

  • On the Mero Share, click on “Mero Share Profile” in the upper right corner of the “Mero Share Dashboard.”
  • Select the option “Change password.”
  • Enter both your old and new passwords for further modification.
  • Select the “Change Password Icon” button.
  • Enter both the old and new passwords after typing them in. The request to change the password is successful.

What will happen if you cannot remember the Mero share login id and old password? Do you want to reset your Mero Share login password?

Well. The password forgets/reset/change option has now made available by CDSC now.

Reset Mero Share Login Password:

If a User/Investor or MeroShare user forgets their Login password, they will be able to reset it themselves.

To solve the issue of password forgetting, the Central Depository System (CDSC) has provided investors with the option to modify their passwords. Right now, investors who forget their Mero share login passwords can change by using the reset link.  Previously, CDSC offered 100 tries if a user lost their password. Now, CDS now offers the option of “Forgot Password.”

Here is how to reset the Mero share login password and again sign in Mero share.

How to Reset Login Password:

Follow the steps to reset Meroshare cdsc com np Login Password.

  • Open your browser and go to the login website.
  • You can spot the “Forgot Your Password?” option in the sidebar after entering the cdsc.Mero Share website.
  • After that, select your DP Depository Participants, username, email address, and birthdate. Hit the send button.
  • If your information matches, click on the Send button, and the message “New password has been sent to your email” will pop up.
  • The notice “The information you have supplied doesn’t match with the registered information” will be displayed if your details do not match.
  • Therefore, you must first provide the correct personal information before receiving a password reset email link.
  • A message stating “Maximum password forgotten tried” will appear if you attempt to reset your password more than once. If this occurs, you can only attempt the following day again.

How To View Your Balance in The Beneficiary Account Through Mero Share:

Select the Mero Shares option to check the details of the stocks you have in your account. For any security, there are four different sorts of balances.

The current balance is the total number of shares of each company in the account.

Current Balance = Pledge Balance + Lockin Balance + Freeze Balance + Free Balance

Pledge Balance:

Shares used as collateral out of the total shares in the account.

Lock-in Balance:

Shares in Lock-in out of the total shares in the account

Freeze Balance:

Shares blocked or frozen out of the total shares in the account

Free Balance:

Shares that are not used as collateral or not in the lock-in, or not blocked

Free Balance-Current Balance -Pledge Balance-Freeze Balance-Free Balance

How To View the Details of Share Trading in Mero Share:

  • Go to the “My Transaction History” menu and choose Share Debit or Share Credit to check the specifics in your login account.
  • You can browse and share trading information based on the business name or the transaction date.
  • We can only access the trade information for three months if we browse transaction data by date.
  • Click on the “Script” and choose the company you wish to investigate to see the transaction history of that specific company.

How to Transfer shares through login:

If you have sold your shares, login makes it simple to transfer those shares. To achieve this, choose My EDIS from the sideboard.

After clicking it, choose Transfer shares. You will then get specific details on the completion of the sale of your shares. Now you must select the Proceed Next option below and to the right of the screen. The shares you sold will be transferred.

How To Request A DP To Update the Bank Account Details in The Beneficiary Account:

The beneficiary’s account must include the customer’s bank account information for the customer to receive the cash dividend from the company in their bank account. To update the bank account information in his beneficiary account, the client must give the DP his bank account information.

Follow the below-mentioned actions to update the bank account information:

  • Use the My Bank Request menu to provide your DP access to your bank account information using Mero Share.
  • Pick your bank from the list of banks in the program, then choose the right branch.
  • Type your bank account information to select your account type.


Shareholders of Mero Share may access all their account data online. This contains share prices, transaction histories, and other relevant data. A wide spectrum of investors can use the Mero Share app. Because it is available in both English and Nepali. Beneficiaries can access your account’s online share transaction details and track the success of their investment portfolio using the program.

The program also offers resources for researching market trends and selecting investments. Any shareholder seeking to enhance their returns should consider using the Mero Share program.

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