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How to Turn a Basement Into a Bedroom

An extra bedroom in your basement can add great value to your home, especially if it includes children or guests. But before turning it into one, certain steps must be taken first.

Here’s how! These include soundproofing the ceiling, installing an elegant staircase and optimizing lighting. Here’s how it all can happen!

Getting the Insulation Right

Insulation of your basement ceiling should be top priority when converting it to a bedroom, particularly during hotter seasons. This will keep both yourself and guests comfortable.

Glass wool insulation is one of the most cost-effective forms of insulation on the market and comes in large rolls called batts for easy purchase.

Installing drywall requires taking special care in hiding unsightly items such as water tanks and wall pipes from view. Also be sure to add recessed lighting as this will brighten your basement bedroom throughout the day – creating a welcoming space for guests or students.

Adding Window Wells

Add value and improve the liveability of your home with a basement bedroom by following these requirements for its construction and use.

An egress window is one of the most essential parts of any basement. It provides a means of escape in case there is ever an emergency in your space, providing people with safe escape routes should anything arise within it.

Installing carpet with a warm underlay is another good way to add warmth and make a basement more cozy, or opt for wood flooring and plenty of rugs as a warm wood alternative instead. Hanging curtains is another effective way to draw eyes upward and create the impression that the space feels more lofty.

Adding Light Fixtures

Basements typically lack natural lighting and ceiling height compared to main- and upper-level living spaces, making a good lighting system even more important. Aiming for light colors also helps make basement bedrooms seem warmer and more welcoming.

Install recessed lights to illuminate any space and create an intimate ambiance. A dimmer switch enables you to control the brightness according to your needs.

Sun tubes can provide natural lighting into a basement room, although they require some special consideration from above to invisibly run them down to the bottom level. Mirrors should also be placed strategically around the room in order to reflect light back down onto it and layering up lighting schemes is key for creating inviting and cozy environments.

Adding Flooring

Basement rooms can be damp environments, requiring flooring that resists moisture and can withstand the wear-and-tear of daily living. Tile is an affordable and low maintenance choice that adds comfort. Add an area rug for even greater coziness in the bedroom.

As basement bedrooms don’t receive as much natural lighting, they require additional illumination. Lighting layering is the best way to brighten a basement bedroom on a budget; satin ceiling paint helps reflect ambient light while warm hued wall paint and bedside curtains create the feeling that one is in an aboveground retreat for reading, studying or guitar practice.

Adding Furniture

An effective basement bedroom requires a bed with some height; purchasing a platform mattress could add height. You will also require nightstands and a TV console to complete this space.

As basement bedrooms tend to be dim, it is necessary to provide additional lighting fixtures and dimmer switches to add layers of illumination. Spotlights are great, as their low profile paired with dimmers allows you to control brightness throughout the day. Also consider wall sconces, floor and table lamps in addition to spotlights when creating layers of illumination.

If your ceilings are low, try hanging a vertical graphic design to give the appearance of more height. Many interior designers use this trick successfully.

Adding Storage

Baskets provide an easy solution to hide clutter while keeping items close at hand in a basement bedroom.

Lockers provide an ideal way to organize personal items like winter clothing and sporting gear in your basement. Add a combination lock for added peace of mind, so no children or nosy neighbors gain entry.

An elegant basement bedroom can be achieved if carefully planned and designed. Layered lighting, soft floor covering and an ergonomic bed are essential, along with wall sconces as an effective solution in rooms where ceiling height prevents chandelier or pendant lighting installations. In addition, finished basements adds value to your home.


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