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How To Start a Career in Cloud Computing

Industry experts are estimating the growth of cloud computing to exceed $800 million by 2025. And with the online job search portal, Lensa, listing job offers in cloud computing ranging from network and cloud architect, cloud network engineer, and computer systems analyst to cloud database administrator (not to mention the field of cloud security), it is a great time to enter this promising and rewarding industry.

In this short article, we’ll take a look at what it takes to be successful in the field of cloud computing, what the ideal profile is, what the requirements are, and what steps you should take to improve your chances of success in a career in cloud computing.

The Ideal Profile of a Cloud Computing Professional

Cloud computing is a highly technical and fast-evolving field. Therefore, a cloud computing professional should not only have a vast array of technical skills, but he or she should also display an ability and willingness to learn new software systems and protocols. 

It is unlikely the field of cloud computing will remain the same in the next 5 to 10 years, so the successful cloud computing professional should be able to adapt along with the inevitable changes to come. A cloud computing professional should be intellectually curious with a drive for discovery and a healthy appreciation for experimentation.

A cloud computing professional is detail-oriented with an analytical mind. Additionally, he or she will possess excellent communication skills since their role often places them in collaboration with other IT professionals. 

There are many positions of leadership within the field of cloud computing. This is why strong leadership skills in conjunction with technical know-how, are highly sought-after in the field.

Requirements for a Job in Cloud Computing

Nearly all jobs with any given company in cloud computing will require a Bachelor’s degree. Though the areas of study required are rarely stated in a job offer (it’s not critical to a recruiter.), a degree that focuses on structure, architecture, and the system framework is likely to be viewed more favorably than other computing degrees. 

Over the course of your career in cloud computing, you will be working with all the important coding languages: Python, JavaScript, and Nodes.js as well as hypertext transfer protocol (HTTPS) and cloud services such as Azure, GCP, and Oracle. You should be familiar with, if not fluent in, all of these. Python is generally recommended for beginners, and there are a number of quality programming language courses available online.

For a career in cloud computing, you should also be familiar with the differences between operating systems like Windows and Ubuntu. And a thorough understanding of security protocols and standards related to tagging and storing data is expected.

Level Up With Training

Within the field of cloud computing, there are many specific areas you can choose to specialize in. Sometimes, it may not be clear which specialization appeals to you most. Once you’ve started down one career path with one specific area of specialization, it is not too late to change course. However, doing so would be losing time and potentially appearing unfocused or less than dedicated to a prospective employer.

Instead, consider taking a number of online courses related to cloud computing, each with a different specialization. Not only will this serve to make your resume stand out from the many others you will be competing against. But it will also give you some practical notion of the work involved in each specialization. This could go a long way toward helping you decide where you should focus your career.

Use AI-Powered Job Search Engines

When starting your career in cloud computing, you may not have the experience and proven track record needed to land many of the jobs listed in online job search portals. This is one reason you should take advantage of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to assist you in your job search. 

Otherwise, you will be spending a great deal of time and energy applying for jobs you have little to no chance of getting. This will invariably lead to frustration and even despair. You may find yourself then willing to take the first job offer that comes your way when, in reality, you could have fared much better.

Established job search portals, such as Lensa, use AI and machine learning algorithms to analyze millions of resumes and job offers almost instantaneously. The system is then able to match you with jobs you are not only likely to get but likely to excel in and grow.

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