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How to secure your Instagram account in 2023

Instagram is one of the most-used social media platforms in the world. With over 800 million users, it’s easy to see why it has become a go-to platform for social media influencers and brands. While Instagram offers several security features to ensure your account is safe and secure, you must also take some steps to ensure its safety.

Numerous hackers try to hack into accounts with weak security settings. To help you stay ahead of the curve, we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide on securing your Instagram account in 2023. Keep reading, from password-protecting your account and two-factor authentication to using VPNs and blocking suspicious followers!

Choose a strong password: secure your Instagram account

Creating a unique and difficult-to-guess password is essential to secure your Instagram account. In addition to using a unique password, it’s also vital to use a strong password that includes upper- and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters.

When creating a password, avoid using common words or personal information like your birthdate or address. Finally, don’t share your password with anyone else, and do not use the same password for multiple accounts. Following these steps, you can easily protect your Instagram account from hackers.

If you’re looking for extra security on Instagram, you can enable two-factor authentication. This feature requires users to enter two pieces of information whenever they access their account via SMS or another security measure. By doing this, hackers cannot access the account without having access to the two pieces of information.

This is especially important when it comes to buying an existing Instagram account from social media accounts’ marketplaces like Social Tradia.

Two-Factor Authentication to secure Instagram account

– To enable two-factor authentication for an Instagram account, select the settings menu, click the security icon, and click the two-factor authentication button.

– Two-factor authentication sends a unique code via text to confirm the user’s identity when logging into Instagram on a new device.

– When a suspicious person attempts to connect to an Instagram account, the two-factor authentication system sends a notification to confirm the user’s identity.

– Two-factor authentication using two verification forms helps prevent unauthorized access to your account. It also helps protect your account from malicious users or devices.

– The best way to secure your Instagram account is to use two-factor authentication whenever possible and ensure you’ve entered a password that is hard to guess and has been changed on multiple devices.

– Additionally, consider changing your password every few months and ensure you have secure storage for your password on your device.

Use proxies and VPNs to secure your Instagram account.

– Use proxies and VPNs to secure your Instagram account from hackers.

– Setting up a virtual private network (VPN) is an effective way to protect your identity and secure your Instagram account against malicious actors.

– Browsing the internet anonymously is also known as ‘spying,’ which means using a proxy or VPN account to hide your identity online. This method will ensure that your Instagram account remains safe from hackers.

– Phishing attacks are excessive on Instagram, so knowing how to protect your Instagram account from malicious actors is essential. Look out for common signs of phishing attempts, such as spelling errors and requests for personal information.

– Another effective way of securing an Instagram account is using applications like mSpy and Eyezy, which can help monitor and detect any suspicious activity on Instagram.

Avoid falling prey to phishing attacks to secure your Instagram account.

To secure your Instagram account, always be careful of suspicious emails or messages claiming to be from Instagram that asks for personal info or a login link. Avoid clicking links or filling out forms from unknown sources. Do not share your password with anyone, and use a strong password that includes letters, numbers, and special characters. Employ a password manager for extra security.

Unfollow fishy followers on a timely basis to secure an Instagram account

Unfollowing fishy followers is vital to secure your Instagram account, as they can post inappropriate content and harass people. Genuine followers are essential for an account to reduce spamming, so it’s crucial to spot fishy or fake followers by checking their account details. They usually have no posts, and there is an unbalanced ratio between followers and accounts they follow. To block fishy followers, tap the three-dot icon on the top-right of a story, go to the ‘Settings’ tab, and select ‘Blocking.’ You can also use third-party tools such as Sprout Social Analytics to analyze your followers and check for suspicious patterns. Once you’ve identified any issues, you can take action to address them effectively.

Have control over giving access to third-party apps and services  to secure Instagram account

To secure an Instagram account, it is crucial to understand third-party access and privacy settings. Here are some steps that can help you keep your Instagram account secure:

– Avoid giving third-party apps access to your Instagram account. If you use an app that requests access to your Instagram account, carefully read its terms of service and privacy policy before granting access.

– Regularly check the permissions granted by third-party apps and revoke access as necessary. This method will help ensure that third-party apps do not have access to personal information such as email addresses or phone numbers.

– Be aware of mass automation apps as they can be a security and terms of service risk. These apps allow users to perform tasks automatically on social media platforms, which can lead to false impressions or the spread of misinformation within a short time.

– Disable access to your location services to prevent tracking by third parties. This method will help prevent third parties from gathering information about your activity on social media channels.

– Finally, be mindful when tagging locations in your posts on social media. This caution will help keep your activity private and safeguard the privacy of others who may be tagged in the photo.

Make your Account Private to secure your Instagram account

To secure your Instagram account in 2023, you must make your account private, which is the best way to protect your data and posts from unwanted viewers.

Once your account is private, you must approve new followers before they can see your posts. This method helps ensure that only the people you want to follow view your content.

Your posts will only be discoverable through approved followers and won’t be indexed by Google. Take proactive actions, such as enabling two-factor authentication to secure your account in 2023. This method provides a second authentication step when accessing an account, such as via password or PIN code. These steps allow you to keep your social media account safe and secure for years.

Controlling comments and stories to secure an Instagram account

If you own an Instagram account, there are several steps you can take to secure your account. First, you can control who can comment on your posts by turning off commenting for specific positions. This method will prevent anyone from interacting with your photos and videos.

You could also set content filters to hide certain words or phrases, making it harder for third-party accounts to comment on your posts. Another step is to choose who can comment on your posts if your account is public. You can prevent people from spamming or trolling your followers by hiding comments from specific accounts.

Furthermore, you can turn off location services on your phone to prevent third-party tracking of your account. Finally, it’s vital to password-protect your Instagram account and keep the password safe and secure. By taking these simple steps, you can secure your account and keep it safe from harm.

Checking login activity and always log Out to secure your Instagram account

It is essential to monitor login activity on Instagram to detect suspicious logins and keep your account safe. When accessing the app, always log out from any device that is not yours to ensure the security of your account. Also, don’t check the ‘remember-me’ option; it gives anyone access to your account from that device. Instead, manually log in to your account on each device and carefully review any recent activity before accessing your account.

Suppose you suspect someone may have hacked your account. In that case, you can use Instagram’s Login Activity feature in the “Login Security” tab in the app’s settings to check for signs of suspicious activity. Be aware of phishing links and use NordVPN’s Threat Protection feature to protect yourself from cyber threats.

Disable activity status to secure Instagram account

To secure your Instagram account from third-party tracking and unauthorized access, it’s essential to turn off the activity status on your profile. This method will prevent unwanted third parties from tracking your activity on the platform, making it more difficult for hackers to access your account.

Go to the profile page and select ‘edit profile’ from the menu to do this. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and select ‘temporarily disable my account.’ On this screen, you’ll see two options — ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ — with the latter indicating that you want to keep your account active. Choose ‘yes’ to confirm the change, and your account will be temporarily locked.

After choosing Yes, you’ll be asked to confirm your choice again. Once you’ve done so, your account will be completely disabled. If you wish to reactivate it later, you’ll need to send a password verification message via email or text.


Instagram continues to be one of the most-used social media platforms, so it is pertinent that you secure your account. Take the time to set up two-factor authentication, and make sure you’re using a strong password. It also helps to log out of your account regularly, disable public activity status, and control who can comment and like your content. You may also consider unfollowing followers who don’t follow you and deleting spam comments. Further, avoid clicking on links in comments or direct messages from strangers. Instead, report them to Instagram. Finally, if possible, always log in using a mobile device with access to two-factor authentication. This way, you can keep your account secure in 2023 and beyond!

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