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How To Maximize Anonymity with Cryptocurrency

Privacy is a major concern for people operating online. While there are some tools and services that promise to keep your data safe, they are no match for being anonymous. Blockchain products like Web3 and cryptocurrencies can help you protect your identity online.

When you are making a purchase or using social media sites, you have to share some of your personal information in order to even make an account or initiate the purchase. Google stores your browsing data across all its products for personalized ads. Some of this stuff might seem harmless, but it can be cleverly used by threat actors to build a profile on you.

Understanding Internet Anonymity

Anonymity is a state of being anonymous, it is a term used for a person or an entity whose identity is unknown. It is used to describe a person who is not identifiable untrackable or both. Internet anonymity refers to operating online while keeping every bit of information related to you, even the IP address completely hidden.

You can register on social media sites like Facebook, and X (formerly Twitter) with an alias or a pseudonym but they still store your IP address, meaning if your alt account gets banned, your main might be affected too. Several websites practice IP banning to prevent users from circumnavigating suspensions. When you are truly anonymous, your real IP address is hidden from these sites as well as from cybercriminals. 

Internet anonymity can be achieved in various ways. You can protect your financial information and keep your identity hidden with cryptocurrency transactions using encrypted wallets. VPN and certain web browsers can also help with this. 

Use Cryptocurrency for Online Transactions

While not all websites offer crypto payment modes, there are a good number of platforms that have embraced blockchain technology. Several major companies have started to accept Bitcoin payments, some of the notable examples are Microsoft, AT&T, and Twitch. This list keeps growing every day so make sure to check for crypto support on the site before using your credit card. 

Online games are also known for offering cryptocurrency payment options. In fact, online gaming sites were one of the earliest adopters of blockchain technology which gave them a head start in the crypto space. 

Online players are using cryptocurrency instead of credit cards because of how swift and cheap Bitcoin transactions are. Furthermore, cryptocurrency transactions cannot be traced by financial authorities or government authorities providing users with much-needed gaming freedom.

Online games real money with crypto is the latest trend that sees gamers approach taking risk exclusively with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, and other popular cryptocurrencies. This encompasses all entertainment options available on online gaming platforms – spanning window, lottery, blackjack, and live dealer table games. 

Overall, the use of cryptocurrency in online gaming not only hides the player identity from threat actors, but also provides a dynamic online gaming experience with lightning-fast fund deposits and withdrawals. For this reason, fans of card games, lottery tournament players, and even online games aficionados are now choosing online crypto games to avoid dealing with intermediaries like banks. 

Use Anonymous Wallets

Anonymous crypto wallets do not require users to enter any private information to sell or trade digital assets. They are also known as dark crypto wallets or stealth crypto wallets and provide true financial anonymity.

ZenGo is regarded as one of the best anonymous non-custodial wallets in Web3. Ledger Nano X, Bitcoin PaperWallet, Electrum, and PrimeXBT are other similar wallets with their unique features but they also serve the main function of keeping you safe.

Use VPN 

Lastly, using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) is the most important aspect of maintaining your online privacy as it is a primary tool needed to mask your IP address. 

The usage of a VPN will make it difficult for advertisers and threat actors to track your online activities. The same can be said about websites that IP ban users. However, you will notice the paid versions of VPN services are more effective at this.

With free VPN services like SoftEther by the University of Tsukuba, Japan, you can bypass minor barriers and geographical restrictions on the internet. In cases where a free VPN doesn’t work, you might need to get a paid one. However, as far as the free VPNs go, this is by far the best out there.

Use Tor Browser

Tor Browser is synonymous with browsing the Internet anonymously, it was designed with that single purpose in mind by a small group of computer scientists. The level of protection and privacy Tor Browser provides is unmatched to this day. Here’s how it works.

Tor browser uses multi-layered encryption to keep your location and identity hidden. It not only protects users from the government but also hides their activity from their own ISP (Internet Service Provider). Tor browser redirects web traffic through a series of different routers called nodes, making it an ideal choice for whistleblowers and browsing the dark web. When this is used in conjunction with a VPN service you can achieve true internet anonymity.

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