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How to Make ChatGPT Undetectable? (10 Proven Methods)

ChatGPT was released in 2022 and since then, the content creation game has never been the same. The platform kickstarted the wave of AI technology by attracting millions of users in just the first month alone. However, this also led to the rise of AI detectors built to identify and flag AI-written content from tools like ChatGPT.

With institutions, publishers, and search engines relying on these AI checkers, it is vital to know how to humanize AI text and make ChatGPT text undetectable. In this guide, we will explore 10 different methods to accomplish this. So, let’s get started!

Best Way to Make ChatGPT Undetectable?

To make any AI content undetectable is to humanize it. This typically means making manual edits and revisions to the text, so that it sounds less robotic and more natural.

However, attempting to do this manually consumes a lot of time and effort. Instead, it is easier to use an AI humanizer like BypassGPT.

Using sophisticated AI humanization techniques, it can instantly rewrite any AI content from ChatGPT until it is indistinguishable from human-written text. This enables you to bypass powerful AI detectors like GPTZero,, and Turnitin. The tool also maintains contextual accuracy, so there is no risk of your intended message being distorted.

Can BypassGPT Really Make ChatGPT Undetectable?

If you’re curious to see what BypassGPT can do, then check this out. We started by using ChatGPT to generate 2 paragraphs for more accurate test results. We then scanned the 2 paragraphs using the AI detectors, GPTZero and, to confirm their “AI score”.

Topic 1 – ChatGPT-generated 97% AI 100% AI
Topic 2 – ChatGPT-generated 96% AI 100% AI


Once done, we used BypassGPT to humanize each of the 2 paragraphs.

First, we started with Topic 1:

Topic 1

Then, we moved to Topic 2:

Topic 2

Finally, we scanned both humanized paragraphs via the AI detectors. Here are the final results.

Topic 1 – BypassGPT-processed 0% AI 1% AI
Topic 2 – BypassGPT-processed 0% AI 1% AI


Impressively, each sample achieved full human scores on both AI detectors! This was solid confirmation that BypassGPT is the most effective way to make ChatGPT undetectable.

Alternative Ways to Make ChatGPT Undetected?

As mentioned before, there are several ways to make your ChatGPT text undetectable, besides using an AI humanizer like BypassGPT. Let’s explore them in detail.

Use Precise ChatGPT Prompts

Most ChatGPT users make the mistake of using basic prompts like “Write an article about xxx”. However, it is more effective to include “…in a conversational style”, for example. In doing so, you provide ChatGPT with more information to construct an article that sounds less generic.

Utilize Paraphrasing Tools

Several paraphrasing tools like QuillBot can rewrite your ChatGPT content by altering various aspects like vocabulary, sentence lengths, phrasing, etc. This can be an effective way of making the content less predictable, which is typical of real human writing.

Incorporate Slang or Idioms

AI writers are typically incapable of mimicking casual or informal language. As such, incorporating more slang terms or idioms in your AI-generated content can give it an authentically human touch that prevents AI detectors from flagging your content.

Introduce Emotional Language

AI tools like ChatGPT can’t express human emotion, which is why the content can often sound bland or even unengaging. As such, it can be effective to try implementing more emotional language in the AI content like humor, excitement, empathy, etc.

Break Repetitive Patterns

ChatGPT content tends to use repetitive language, which is something most AI detectors are trained to spot. Instead, you should break those patterns by eliminating or replacing any overused words, expressions, terminologies, adjectives, etc.

Increase Variety

AI tools like ChatGPT often produce content that follows a uniform pattern that can make it all sound generic and bland. Instead, you should increase the level of variety in the overall structure by implementing different sentence lengths, tones, formatting, etc.

Focus on a Specific Point of View

An effective strategy is ensuring the content is written from the point of view of a specific person. This means incorporating personal anecdotes, opinions, stories, and even real-life examples in the content, as it can help make the output seem more personal and human.

Add More Perplexity

Perplexity and burstiness are key content metrics that AI detectors consider. The former refers to writing complexity and the latter is overall variation. The higher these metrics are, the better. To this end, you should always ask ChatGPT to add “a high level of perplexity” in your prompt.

Insert Human Errors

You can intentionally insert small errors like misspelled words, punctuation slip-ups, etc. AI writers don’t make such mistakes, so it tricks AI detectors into considering the content as human-written. However, it negatively impacts content readability, which is never ideal.

Why Make ChatGPT Text Undetectable?

  • Avoid Academic Penalties:Using ChatGPT to work on essays, homework, or papers is widely frowned upon by educational institutions. However, there are times when you may need a helping hand so it helps to know how to make ChatGPT essay undetectable.
  • Maintain Professional Credibility:While ChatGPT can help in crafting business emails, reports, and other content, it may leave a bad impression on clients. To this end, knowing how to bypass AI detection lets you keep using AI to streamline your workflow.
  • Prevent Google Penalties: ChatGPT text may be detected and penalized. By making ChatGPT undetectable, you ensure your content aligns with Google’s indexing criteria, thereby helping maintain strong SEO health and increased visibility for your content.


ChatGPT can help streamline your content writing but it’s only useful if you know how to make ChatGPT text undetectable. As we’ve established, you can make manual adjustments to the ChatGPT content.

However, the most sure-fire way to bypass AI detection is using BypassGPT. Feel free to check out the AI humanizer and even test it yourself at no charge!

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