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How To Install IPTV On Roku In Simple Steps

Let’s define IPTV before talking about how to set IPTV on Roku.

IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television, as you may already know. IPTV is a service that offers online access to live TV channels and movies. An IPTV service is a quicker, more flexible version of on-demand TV. Since IPTV channels are HD high-resolution, there is no quality loss.

Most IPTV services require a set-top box of some kind. However, you can get around that requirement if you decide to watch IPTV on a Roku device.

The American company Roku, Inc. manufactures digital media players under the Roku brand. They provide access to online services’ streaming media content.

In May 2008, the first Roku model, created in association with Netflix, was released. Roku devices are credited with popularising the idea of inexpensive, small-form-factor set-top boxes for streaming media. Additionally, Roku has licensed its platform as smart TV middleware.

What is Roku TV?

In late 2014, Roku announced the launch of its first smart TV under its name. These TVs use the Roku user interface as the “brain” of the device and are produced by businesses like TCL, Westinghouse, and Hisense. The streaming devices and Roku TVs both receive updates. [68] More recent[vague] models also incorporate a selection of features for use with over-the-air TV signals, such as a program guide that lists the movies and TV shows that are accessible via local antenna broadcast TV as well as where to stream that content and the capacity to pause live TV (although the feature requires a USB hard drive with at least 16GB storage).

On November 14, 2019, Walmart and Roku announced that beginning November 29, they would only sell Roku TVs under the Onn brand in Walmart stores. 

Roku developed a badge in January 2020 to confirm that devices are compatible with specific Roku TV models. TCL North America, Sound United, Polk Audio, Marantz, Definitive Technology, and Classé were among the first brands to receive certification. 

One out of every three smart TVs sold in the US and Canada, according to a Roku executive in January 2021, had the company’s operating system preinstalled.

Roku revealed a 55-inch outdoor Element IPTV on Roku TV in May 2020. The television can be used in bright outdoor settings, has a low-reflection display, and supports 4K streaming. 

How to Simple Install IPTV On Roku

The installation of IPTV on a Roku device is explained in detail in this tutorial. We need to “sideload” IPTV on Roku devices in order to use it. Alternatively, considering starting an IPTV business? It can be a great way to provide streaming services to your customers. To download the IPTV app file and add it to your Roku streaming device, follow the steps below. A computer is needed.

By casting your IPTV on a Roku device while using another IPTV player, such as TiviMate, you can also watch IPTV on Roku. One of the best IPTV players is IPTV Smarters, which is compatible with many IPTV services that use server URLs.

Anyway, let’s get started with IPTV on Roku. To make the instructions easier to follow, It is divided into four sections:

Part 1: Enabling Roku’s developer options

Part 2: Adding the IPTV Smarters channel 

Part 3: Installing IPTV Smarters on your computer 

Part 4: Installing IPTV Smarters on Roku 

Do not be concerned; the procedure is simple. Let’s start.

Part I:  Enabling Roku’s developer options

  1. Launch your Roku by selecting its HDMI input on your television and turning on Developer Options.
  2. Using the buttons on your IPTV on Roku remote, press the following ones in that order: Home Button three times, Up two times, Right one time, Left one time, Right one time, Left one time, Right one time.
  3. If everything went according to plan, your Roku TV’s screen would display the developer options menu.
  4. Record the IP address that is displayed on the screen.
  5. Choose to restart the installer and enable it (mine says disable because I already did this).
  6. Select I Agree after reading the Developer Tools License Agreement.
  7. Use the keyboard that appears to create a password for the web server. For a subsequent step, you will require your webserver password.
  8. Click Set password, then restart.

Part 2: Adding the IPTV Smarters channel 

  1. Go to your computer and use any browser to access
  2. Enter your Roku account username and password, then click the Submit button.
  3. After logging in, go to Manage account and choose Add channel with a code.
  4. Enter “Iptv smarter” in the search box. Verify that you typed it exactly as it appeared.
  5. To add the channel to your Roku, click Add Channel.
  6. On the appearing warning message, click OK.
  7. Decide Certainly add a channel in the next popup.

Part 3: Installing IPTV Smarters on your computer 

  1. Click this link on your computer, and the download ought to begin instantly:
  2. Save the IPTV on the Roku Smarters package on your computer in a location that is easily accessible (you’ll need to navigate to this location shortly). I’ll put it on my desktop for saving.

Part 4: Installing IPTV on Roku 

  1. Open any browser on your computer. Enter the IP address for your IPTV on Roku that you noted earlier in the address bar.
  2. There will be a sign-in box. Put rokudev in the Username field. Enter the web server password you created earlier in the Password field. Click Sign in to finish.
  3. On the following page, click Upload.
  4. Navigate to the IPTV on the Roku Smarters package download location (mine was my Desktop). Click Open after selecting the downloaded folder.
  5. After the file has been uploaded, click Install.
  6. Return to your Roku device, and IPTV Smarters should now be visible on the screen.
  7. You just need to log in using your IPTV on Roku Smarter credentials.

How to Screen Mirror IPTV on Roku in Steps

Install IPTV Smarters or Smart IPTV (another IPTV player) on your smartphone to stream IPTV to your Roku-connected TV using screen mirroring. When you have one of these two players, you can use your device’s cast or mirror functions.

You can access content on your IPTV on Roku using the cast/mirror feature from any device connected to the same Wi-Fi network and running the IPTV on the Roku player app.

Is Roku IPTV Legal?

Yes, IPTV on Roku is legal. IPTV on Roku is an excellent way to watch HD videos and TV shows if you’re sick of dealing with traditional cable, paying for various packages, and having a constrained overall experience.

But there is a catch to this service. It’s ideal for learning how to use IPTV on Roku for watching content without paying a fortune, but be aware that both legal and illicit IPTV services are available. is unable to distinguish between the two with accuracy. You, the user, are responsible for conducting that research before using one.

Roku’s top IPTV services (Unverified)

I’m about to detail the top untested IPTV on Roku. Unverified in this context refers to the requirement to sideload applications that might not be accessible through an app store. Of course, these IPTV services might also be less expensive than conventional TV services.

If an app is not listed on an app store, we are unable to confirm its licenses and other legal requirements. Utilize IPTV services that are unverified with caution.

  1. Famous Streams

Your IPTV on a Roku device can stream ultra-HD movies and TV shows thanks to Iconic Streams. With over 9,000 channels and 110 servers around the world, this streaming service is ideal for most users because there is probably one close to you.

You can watch live events, video-on-demand (VOD) content, and even a TV guide to browse channels with the IPTV app. Please be aware that this IPTV on Roku service does not offer any channels with adult content.

Besides that, each paid plan offers 6,000 live channels, 3,000 VODs, and an Iconic Streams app for up to 3 devices simultaneously. If you have any problems, each plan also offers live chat support via the website.

Iconic Streams accept PayPal and Bitcoin payments.

Iconic Streams information is available here.

  1. Yeah! IPTV 

Each paid package on Yeah! Numerous devices, including your IPTV on Roku, support IPTV on Roku and its high definition, full high definition, and standard definition channels. Using multiple connections simultaneously will cost you more.

In addition to an ever-expanding list of services, these plans give you access to more than 6,000 live TV channels and premium sports channels. The website also offers a tonne of tutorials on how to set up streaming devices like Android, Amazon Fire TV, Windows PCs and Macs, and smart TVs.

  1. Apollo Group TV

It is a decent IPTV service that offers its subscribers access to more than 1,000 live channels. Additionally, it provides a 10-day free trial so that you can try out the platform before signing up.

Live channels cover a wide range of content, including news, TV shows, movies, sports, and even some pay-per-view channels. Interestingly, you have the option of using a debit or credit card or Bitcoin to pay.

You can always get assistance from Apollo Group TV by email, Discord, or Telegram channels if you have a problem.


SSTV IPTV is a popular option for many people looking for IPTV on Roku because it offers over 8,000 live channels, shows, and movies to watch on your TV. You can now watch it on devices other than an IPTV on Roku because it now has apps for all kinds of devices.

Before you start, keep in mind that this media content platform only accepts Bitcoin and PayPal as forms of payment.

  1. Ultrafast TV

With a sizable channel selection of more than 7,000 live TV channels, Hypersonic TV is one of the more affordable streaming services. Additionally, it supports American, British, and Canadian television programs and some international sports, if that’s your thing.

In addition to HD IPTV on Roku content, Hypersonic TV also offers a full-HD channel. A one-dollar trial period allows you to try it out for 24 hours, and a monthly subscription is reasonably priced.



I demonstrated a few different methods for watching IPTV on Roku in this article. Use of an untrusted IPTV service through integration with a Roku IPTV player or screen mirroring on a mobile device is one approach. Purchasing a certified IPTV on Roku Channel Store is another option. You can access TV shows, live TV, and other video content using any method, frequently, for a lot less money than you would pay for traditional TV.

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