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How to Defend Your Solid-State Chemistry Dissertation Successfully

Wondering what to do next after writing the dissertation? Well, the next and most difficult part is to defend your research work. Whether you have written your solid-state chemistry PhD dissertation or solid-state chemistry master’s dissertation, you have to go through a daunting defending process. Yes, you have to face the committee and win the arguments successfully to get your degree in your hands.

Solid-state chemistry dissertation writing and then defence is an important turning point in your academic career. Needless to say that you’ll come to this point with the result of years of study, effort, and commitment. Even though the thought of having to defend your dissertation is frightening, you can be successful in it if you prepare well and have a well-thought-out plan.

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Step-by-Step Guide to Defend Your Solid-State Chemistry Dissertation

Feeling anxious about your dissertation defence? Keep in mind that it doesn’t matter whether you are going to start a master of science or are already pursuing a graduate program to get a degree in chemistry – all of you have to go through the dissertation writing and defence process. However, you can select any branch of chemistry according to your interest, such as organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry, the study of solid-state NMR spectroscopy, etc.

1. Understand Your Dissertation Well

When preparing to defend your thesis or dissertation, you must have comprehensive knowledge of your work first. Having a thorough understanding of your dissertation is the first step toward success. Without hesitation, you should be able to explain your study, methods, findings, and conclusions. Go over your work in detail and prepare any queries your committee could have.

2. Choose the Committee for Your Dissertation

The people on your committee are essential to the success of your defence. Select instructors who are supportive of your effort and who are knowledgeable about the topic of your research. Make sure they offer helpful criticism at every stage of your solid-state chemistry dissertation.

3. Make Your Presentation Engaging

Make a presentation that is aesthetically appealing and well-structured. Add an introduction to solid-state chemistry, a review of the literature, the goals of the study, the methodology, the findings, and the conclusions. Effectively communicate your thoughts with language and images that are clear and succinct.

4. Practice Your Presentation

You must have heard that practice makes a man perfect. That is a well-said saying, as improvement comes from repetition. Practice your solid-state chemistry dissertation presentation several times, paying attention to your timing, clarity, and self-assurance. To get feedback, give your presentation to your fellows, teachers and family members.

5. Expect Any Kind of Questions

Be ready to answer a variety of inquiries about technical specifics as well as more general issues. They can ask a variety of questions relevant or irrelevant to your study. Make a list of possible questions in consultation with your advisor, then practice responding to them.

6. Think Out of the Box

Real-world applications of solid-state chemistry are very common these days. According to the Research and Markets Report 2023, the solid-state battery market size has grown from $0.34 to $0.49 billion from 2022 to 2023 at a CAGR of 44.5%. And it is predicted to grow further to $2.41 billion with a CAGR of 48.85 by 2027.

Make sure that you understand well all the applications of your study and some other real-life use cases of the subject.


7. Address Research Weaknesses

Check out any flaws in your study and provide possible fixes or directions for further investigation. It shows your capacity for critical thought and self-evaluation.

8. Pay Close Attention to Committee Feedback

Pay close attention to the comments your committee has to offer both during and after your presentation. When necessary, stand ready to defend your decisions and remain receptive to constructive criticism.

Top 8 Tips for Successful Solid-State Chemistry Dissertation Defence Preparation

According to the book Starting Research in Clinical Education, by following their top tips for dissertation writing and preparing for defence, you will be able to write and defend a successful dissertation.


Start Early

By starting early, you will get enough time to prepare for the dissertation defence. The thesis or dissertation defence is held right after its submission so students don’t get enough time, like 2 to 4 months for its preparation. Rather, you have to start its preparation while writing your dissertation without wasting any time.

Make a Plan

“By Failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” 

– Benjamin Franklin

Planning is essential in every aspect of life, including academic writing and presenting your solid-state chemistry dissertation defence. Make a proper plan by sorting your work list that you have to do to prepare and present your defence well. A variety of tools are available where you can design your plan and keep track of them.

Note down Important Points

We all know that a dissertation is a long piece of work that you can’t read again and again with full concentration. So, we advise you to note down important points in some safe place like note-taking apps or in a notebook so that you don’t have to go through the whole dissertation at the time of defence. 

Make a List of Questions

While writing a dissertation or preparing for your defence, write down important questions that come to your mind. According to the book Dissertation and Scholarly Research: Recipes For 2018 Edition by Marilyn K. Simon and Jim Goes, students should be well prepared and make a list of questions that the examiner can ask, such as:


Write a Presentation by Adding Visuals

When you start writing your presentation for the solid-state chemistry dissertation defence, keep in mind that you have to write it briefly and concisely. Avoid making long sentences and paragraphs; rather write just key points of your research work. Focus on adding visuals, your results graphs, and pictures that will prove your work in front of the examiner. 

Learn Your Dissertation and Presentation

Before going for defence, you must pay attention to learn important points of your dissertation. It is difficult to go through the whole dissertation, so just read those points that you have noted down and make your concepts clearly related to solid-state chemistry and its applications. Thoroughly learn your presentation well without missing any points. 

Appear Professionally and Dress Appropriately

On the day of your defence, arrive early and wear appropriate clothing. Throughout the defence, behave with confidence and composure, and give due respect to your committee members and teachers.

Stay Calm during Defence

Although feeling anxious is normal, make an effort to maintain your composure. Remember that your committee is looking at you to judge your skills, knowledge and personality. Must have faith in your abilities to present your work in defence.


It can be difficult to defend your solid-state chemistry dissertation if you’re not well prepared for it. You may succeed in your dissertation defence and advance in your academic career by carefully planning, becoming an expert in your field, and confidently responding to inquiries and criticism. Remember that this is your chance to demonstrate your proficiency and advance the field of solid-state chemistry, so take benefit of it well.

Most students find it tough to write a dissertation or prepare their presentation for defence. In any case, if you get stuck in writing your solid-state dissertation, get the best dissertation writing service from experts.

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