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How to Convert Millimeters to Inches


Are you among those learners who often need to transform mm to inches and other units? Or are you an economist or programmer who is required to conduct conversion between metrics as a part of a job?

No matter the reason you may intend to turn one unit into another, this process is simple and doesn’t require much time. In this article, we will learn how to transform millimeters to inches hassle-free and have a closer look at these metrics.

Meaning of Inches and Millimeters

Being a unit of length, a millimeter appeared in the metric system in 1795. It made measurement quicker and easier. Nowadays, a millimeter is a commonly employed unit all over the globe.

Being one of the main elements of the metric system, a millimeter is utilized in various fields, in particular, scientific and engineering work. It is abbreviated as “mm”.

Meanwhile, an inch is regarded as another unit that makes measurement simpler and problem-free. It is abbreviated like “in”. This unit is a part of the U.S. Customary and British imperial systems of measurement.

Techniques of Converting Metrics

If your task is to convert mm to inches but you have no idea how to do this, don’t hurry to worry. The conversion process is easier than it seems. Sometimes, basic arithmetic is enough to transform an mm into an inch effortlessly.

You may begin by memorizing a simple equation. For this, you should respond to the “how many mm in an inch” question. As known, there is 25.4 mm in an inch. This implies the formula will look as follows: [number of millimeters] / 25.4 = [number of inches].


For instance, let’s convert 50 millimeters to in. This means we should divide 50 by 25.4 with the help of a calculator on your gadget to get 1.97 inches.

Rely on the Second Formula

Aside from dividing the number of millimeters by 25.4, you may likewise make use of another equation to receive a proper number of inches. Now, your task is to multiply the number of millimeters by 0.039 employing a calculator.

Let’s suppose you should transform 30mm into inches. This implies your task is to multiply 30 by 0.039 to obtain 1.18 inches.

Make Use of a Useful Tool

Undoubtedly, the above-mentioned formulas are handy for turning mm to in. However, there is another method of how to get a number of inches while saving precious time. For this, you may employ a special converter of units.

If you go to, you will find a tool with which you will have the possibility to convert metrics faster without the need to keep in-memory equations. What’s more convenient is that an online converter makes it possible to transform not only units of length but likewise temperature, pressure, force, time, speed, power, energy, and other units.

Develop your Skills

To consolidate formulas in your memory, it is recommended to practice from time to time. You may discover unsolved examples for conversion on the internet or ask your family members to give you some examples. If you dedicate a little time every day to transforming units, it will be simpler for you to memorize equations and as a result, turn metric units more quickly.


Transforming mm to inches is a regular task for learners, economists, engineers, etc. In case you possess issues with this process, there is no necessity to panic. Using the above-discussed formulas, you will convert the necessary units quickly and without mistakes. Moreover, you have a chance to become a real expert on conversion if you rely on an online converter.

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