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How to Choose the Best Knowledge Base Software for Your Business

An online educational database called a knowledge base (KB) is shaped to help users discover answers to matters or deliver answers to questions. Businesses usually set up knowledge bases so that employees or clients can get self-service support.

A knowledge base’s objectives are to provide answers to common questions, lower support expenses, and enhance client satisfaction. Though they can take many different shapes, knowledge bases should all make it simple for users to locate the information they need. 

A company’s digital library of data on its goods, services, or operations is known as knowledge-based software. Its goal is to continue the organization of all company knowledge. Both employees and clients can readily locate what they need on their own. without contacting your customer service team or other team members. 

How we selected the top knowledge base applications

We looked at a lot of goods to decide which  best knowledge base software would be ideal, and we reached our pick after considering the following important factors:

  • Ease of use

Knowledge bases ought to be simple to start, utilize, and update. The finest products strive to combine a ton of benefits with ease of use. If a product has easy-to-use navigation and a basic content management system, we give it a higher ranking.

  • Pricing

You should check the price of the best knowledge base software. We looked for goods that offered a free tier or trial and were fairly priced for expanding companies.

  • Templates

Article templates can be a helpful place to start when generating fresh, cohesive, and brand-consistent stuff. Products that offered both the option to create bespoke pages and a large selection of templates were our picks.

  • Search

A knowledge-based search ought to be exact and quick. Strong search capabilities can simplify the user experience and save time while looking for an internal or external tool.

  • Integrations

The greatest knowledge base technologies make it easy to transfer content between platforms through integration with the systems you already use. We looked for things that might be integrated with well-known CRMs and customer support software.

The market’s top knowledge-base software

With numerous choices available, selecting the right knowledge base software for your company can be difficult. We tested a few of the best knowledge base software to help you in making a wise decision.

  • BoldDesk

Businesses may improve customer support and internal knowledge sharing by creating, managing, storing, and releasing documentation with the aid of BoldDesk’s knowledge base software.

It is flexible for growing the self-service resources for any brand or product, as it can produce a limitless number of knowledge base articles. This ensures that your company can offer full support through the use of efficient customer service tips. You may expedite the process of distributing documentation by using the ticketing system workflow, which also features a live search facility that provides prompt responses to user questions. 

  • Confluence

Confluence is an Atlassian collaboration and document platform meant to help teams and knowledge transfer within companies. It also connects with other Jira products, like Jira, to offer a complete collaboration and managing projects solution. 

  • Bloomfire

Designed to assist teams in setting up, sharing, and utilizing collective details, Bloomfire is a knowledge-sharing and collaboration use. This knowledge management software uses computer science (AI) to improve the transfer of information and speed access to important data.

  • Notion

With the help of the multifunction tool Notion, users may create, manage, and organize substances in a workspace that is flexible and reversible. Because of its block-based layout, users can integrate an array of content blocks—text, photos, tasks, databases, and more—onto a single page. With its real-time editing and commenting tools, Notion is built for collaboration.

  • HubSpot Service Hub

The best knowledge base software is available as part of HubSpot Service Hub’s full assistance suite. Businesses of all sizes may find the HubSpot Service Hub knowledge base software to be a useful solution, especially if they right now use other HubSpot tools. It provides an easy-to-use interface, extensive integration options, and features that improve self-service and customer support.

Benefits of knowledge base tools

The following are some main advantages of best knowledge base software use: 

  • Improved customer self-service
  • Reduced support tickets
  • 24/7 availability
  • Cost-effective support
  • Provides consistent information
  • Increased efficiency


Solutions based on knowledge are not universally useful. They need to take into account your budget, goals, and specific needs. You may make a smart decision that empowers your clients, streamlines the procedures you use, and promotes the growth of your company by being aware of the various kinds of best knowledge base software solutions that are readily available, their significant characteristics, and what potential benefits they offer.

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