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How To Choose the Best Commercial Truck Insurance for New Drivers

The trucking business has already so much of a burden, then why take more headaches by not protecting new drivers?

The trucking industry is tough to crack, and so is the case with its insurance coverage. If you go through the truck accident statistics, you will find it very concerning especially for new drivers. Hence, commercial truck insurance is there to protect trucking company owners as well as drivers.

But the problem is, insurance companies consider the driver’s experience and record before protecting the vehicle. So, the chances are, you may have to burn a hole in your pocket to buy coverage for newbies.

The good part here is, you can follow some tips and tricks to fetch the best commercial truck insurance for new drivers with minimum burden on the pocket.

Let’s learn about various factors to sort it out for you!

What Coverage Do New Truck Drivers Need?

The suitable commercial truck insurance totally depends upon the type of driver you are. Let’s know about the main of them:

Company drivers

If you work under a trucking company, it totally depends on your owner on which kind of truck insurance they need. If you are a direct driver working under that company, not as an independent contractor, then the company will provide you with the needed coverage. You can’t decide anything related to insurance in such cases.

Owner-operators with authority

In such truck business cases, the owner-operator is fully responsible for securing trucks from all kinds of risks. Some of the coverage under this are liability, physical damage, owner operator insurance, cargo insurance, non-trucking liability, etc. Apart from these, independent owner-operators have many other coverage options that they should consider.

Leased owner-operators

This scenario for truck operators totally depends on the type of lease. Leased owner-operators need to read the contract very carefully to learn about the needed insurance coverage. The least that leased owner-operators need is liability insurance. Other than this, they usually required cargo, physical damage, bobtail insurance, etc. It’s highly advisable to check the lease agreement carefully to avoid duplicate protection covers.

So, you have read about the distinct cases of getting commercial truck insurance for new drivers. Now let’s know about some tips to choose the best one as per your business requirements.

Choosing the Best Commercial Truck Insurance for New Drivers: Tips & Tricks

Know About the Type of Coverage

If you are a newbie in the field of trucking, insurance falls into two main categories for you. One is the mandatory one that you need legally too. And another is the optional coverage that may benefit you in some special circumstances.

Some of the important coverage are:

Primary Liability

It is the least coverage that everybody needs and it is required legally too. This insurance covers personal loss or any physical damage done to anybody involves in the accident. It will not protect the driver or your own vehicle but will definitely save you in case of any unfortunate accident. It is also required to get CDL (commercial driver’s license).

General Liability

It will protect you in certain cases of additional risks like physical harm, property damage, and any financial support for the third party. It will be very advantageous for you if you operate leased trucks.

Physical Damage

Physical damage cover protects both parties: you and the opposite. The cost of this can be a little extra, but it covers your truck completely. Property and physical damage, both are covered under this. It will not cover the cost of goods you are carrying and is also not mandated by law.

Worker’s Compensation

This is the most beneficial for you if you are a new driver and work under somebody. Worker’s compensation pays for the medical bills, and any missed income in case of an accident. It also protects the company from any legal action and also saves the reputation of the truck owner.

Cargo Insurance

As per the name, this insurance type covers the cargo being transported. Some of the mishappenings like thefts, natural disasters, equipment breakdowns, etc. are covered under this. But some of the cargo items like explosives, jewelry, etc. are not covered in this policy.

Try to Lower the Cost of the Insurance Policy

After you understand the different types of commercial truck insurance for new drivers, you should try to lower the cost of it. It is one of the beneficial tips to save money. The cost of the different policies may differ as per various insurance providers. Some of the factors to keep in mind while selecting the best policy for new drivers:

  • Age of the driver.
  • Requirements of the operational State.
  • Model and year of the truck.
  • Type of the truck: light duty, medium duty, or heavy duty.
  • The good to be transported.

After considering all these factors, the question is ‘how to keep the cost of insurance policy lower’?

Yes, you can do this easily by applying the given suggestions:

  • You should fetch quotes from different insurance providers.
  • You should keep in mind the record of the driver.
  • Clearly understand your trucking business requirements.

Take into account the Transport Route

Another tip that helps you to choose the best commercial truck insurance is to consider the operational route. It is good to have a rough idea of the route, especially for rookie drivers. It will help to avoid any mishaps and know about State tolls, poorly constructed roads, etc.

Also, transport route is important for insurers to consider as it gives them an idea of the distance to be traveled. As long route drivers are normally considered to face more accidents than drivers on short routes.

Another point to consider regarding the routes is to know the transportation in inter or instates. These all points help to choose truck insurance at fair prices.

Check the Reputation of the Insurer

The last tip but an important one is to deeply check the reputation of the insurance provider. Buying an insurance policy is an easy task, but claiming it in time of need is a tough one. Most commercial businesses find it difficult to obtain insurance at right time. So, this can have a deep impact on business operations.

That’s why it’s highly recommended to cross-check the insurer’s reputation. You should be careful enough to read the testimonials and reviews available on online platforms. When you make yourself satisfied, then only go for purchasing the best truck insurance.

Finally, how to choose the best one?

One of the major considerations behind choosing the best commercial truck insurance for new drivers is taking quotes from various insurers. Most companies provide online quotes these days or you can contact agents. There are some major points that you need to compare between such quotes:

  • The reputation of the insurance provider.
  • Customer supports you get from the company.
  • Always compare premiums and deductibles carefully.
  • Availability of the insurer in the location you are operating.

This is all that we have to offer you to choose the best truck insurance for new drivers. If you carefully follow this guide, you can fetch the best truck insurance.

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