How to Become an Ethical Hacker?

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In the era of digitalization, all of us have heard the term hacking. While the modern definition of hacking has revolved around modifying the feature or goal outside the original purpose, the original definition defined the term as proficiency in machine codes and programming language. The term hacking is mostly used in a negative sense more than positive. However, ethical hacking is fighting the negative connotations associated with the term hacker.

Who is an Ethical Hacker?

In simple terms, ethical hackers are individuals who use their computer knowledge and skills to identify the weakness and threats in a computer system or network. The intention of ethical hackers or white hackers is the safety of individuals and businesses from the black hackers with less honest intentions.

How to Become an Ethical Hacker?

You have to undergo various stages before landing an enticing prospect as ethical hacker. The potential in the field of ethical hacking is immense. With consistency and patience, you can break the barrier and become one of the best ethical hackers.

Qualification and Experience

Even though ethical hacking is not limited to degrees, renowned organizations ask for basic educational qualifications. The journey of ethical hacking starts with a computer science degree. Along with the degree, you must also hold experience in computer hardware, various programming languages, database engines, critical thinking, and more. You must also be experienced in applying social engineering techniques to ensure that complex tasks can be simplified to the organization.

Computer Networking Support


Once you have obtained the basic qualifications, you must gain experience in network security. You can learn to monitor, update, or test an organization’s security programs for weaknesses.

Network Engineer

The third stage of becoming an ethical hacker is network engineering. You must polish your skill to design and plan networks for the organization instead of backing the projects. Also, you must upgrade your certification in security to unlock the next stage in ethical hacking and reap larger benefits.

Dive in Information Security

As you start working in information security, you will be able to deal with security breaches, examine and strengthen network security. At this stage, you must opt for certified ethical hacking certification to reach the epitome of knowledge and required experience.


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